Marjorie Taylor Greene says it's "miserable" being Georgia's Congresswoman: "I don't enjoy it"

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You can quit anytime


Imagine how Georgia feels.


I’m sure she probably actual hates living up in Rome, too. It’s a lovely little town in the foothills, but even though there is a lot more things to do there than there used to be (downtown is really fun now, and I’m still a bit pissed about that, as we had nothing to really do back in the day!), but she doesn’t seem like the kind of person who really enjoys living in a small town. I doubt she actually likes her core supporters either…

I’m lucky to be represented by the awesome Rep. McBath, but I have family up there… she’s embarrasing.


To Georgia and all states similarly… challenged.

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It does take adjusting. But she does not seem well-adjusted in any sense of the word.


The only words I want to hear from her are
“I plead guilty”
“I resign”
“Get out of the way AOC, I am visiting the Kanamit home world!”


She can just fuck off and … well, I’ll settle for just fucking off as a major win for the country.


Yeah well, get the fk out of my Capital.


Huh, she really is trying to ape Trump, isn’t she? It’s simultaneously hilarious and insulting that they try to frame getting into office, something they worked at, as this big sacrifice because they could be making more money elsewhere? It’s especially funny because a) they’re both bad at making money themselves and b) they’re both bad at their political jobs, and try very hard to not do them. Trump may have been ineffectual in many ways, but he did some terrible things, whereas MTG might as well be an empty seat, legislatively speaking.

The idea that we should feel sorry for these low-effort losers taking public money to hold positions other people (and presumably they) really want, while actively desiring to fuck things up for the rest of us using the power of those positions… that’s actually kind of enraging.


By all means, retire right now and spend some quality time far, far away from politics. Maybe take up a nice hobby, like feeding the worms ducks.


someone should totally start a ‘then quit’ campaign.
as opposed to giving any support to her self depreciating martyr complex.


doubly so because you’re not supposed to enter politics for the kickbacks and pandemic loan self dealing ( 188k worth ) - it’s goram public service.

and who actually doesn’t make enough money? people like teachers, social service workers, and public defenders. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Nope… and she uprooted from Alpharetta to move to Rome… very different places… Alpharetta is up in the ATL suburbs, and while somewhat conservative, fairly cosmopolitian… Rome is (as I said) a lovely town, but certainly a small town.


Maybe she made more money in her pre-“public service” life . . . but she likely worked a lot harder and more hours/year in construction than she does now - unless she was simply her husband’s arm candy while running around peeking through AOC’s mail slot.

Triply so because both Trump and MTG have always been so transparently trying to monetize their positions. But in general the whole “I’m suffering for you” attitude rankles when they’re so obviously motivated purely by their own self-interest and they aren’t doing anything even for the people who voted for them, much less the rest of us (who they’re trying to punish).


My mom lives in Cartersville and her rep is MTG. She (my mom) is appalled.

Re Rome, I used to have to go there a lot back in the 80s and there was nothing to do. I was just there in November - Aventine was pretty good.


Time and again Empty Gee has demonstrated herself to be a truly miserable human being.

Sorry Margie, no sympathy for you, no thoughts & prayers, not even an imaginary tiny violin solo.

Just walk through the door that says “Exit” and never turn back.


Oh yeah, “resign” is pretty good. I was trying to figure out if “go fuck yourself” counted as one word.


Maybe she’ll go the Sarah Palin route and resign to become a tv commentator. She’d be a natural for WWE; I could even see her announcing from the ring and tussling with the wrestlers.