Marjorie Taylor Greene stripped of committee assignments

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Good. Now take step 2 - Expel from congress.


Obviously, the GOP is upset about the possibility of being held to account for ANYTHING, so that is the precedent that they are afraid is being set.


From my non-American outsider view, it’s funny that you could ever worry about setting a bad precedent by doing the right thing. Nevertheless I fully expect the GOP to strip Democrats of committee assignments the next time they gain control of the House. Most other countries would have little problem censuring an elected representative such as Greene, with support from across the political spectrum.


Huh, almost like leaving a Supreme Court seat left empty for almost an entire year? That seemed pretty dangerous to me, but no one was talking about the precedent it set.


here’s the thing – the republicans have shown no regard for precedent at all in recent years ( basically since obama. )

republicans blocked routine judicial appointments and they held up obama’s supreme court nomination. once they had the power they forced through their own ( often unqualified ) picks with zero democrat support. ( eta: they even broke their own rules to appoint a radically conservative supreme count judge )

mcconnell regularly blocked debate on bills that the house sent to the senate. they wouldn’t accept the rules of prior impeachments. resisted the rules of prior power sharing agreements. they used budget reconciliation to pass huge tax cuts for the wealthy.

trump himself was the unprecedented president, undermining many long standing us policies, practices, institutions, and allies. he and many republicans refuse to acknowledge the results of the election. he fomented a coup.

good on democrats for not playing this game anymore.

nothing would have stopped the republicans from doing this anyway. so might as well fight to end the rise of fascism while you can.


Hmm… that word… is doing a lot of work, I think…

Agree 100%. Today most Republican congresscritters are going “Why didn’t we think of that!”.


Now she will have more time to grift and fund raise :confused:

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I think the good of her not sabotaging these committees outweighs the bad of her having more time to rip off her followers. And she comes from such a safe seat, fundraising is the least of her worries.


only thing worse than the total dumpster fire that is the GOP is their total denial/blindside about it.

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