Marjorie Taylor Greene weaves racism into her outrageous lies today on the House floor (video)

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I’m not saying that I’d love to piss on her grave……Hmmm…I guess I am saying that.


There are so many future obituaries that I am looking forward to reading…


Be sure to wear some sturdy rubber boots when you do, there’s bound to be quite a lot of runoff by the time you get to the front of the queue.


ok, so she said all this – that’s not a surprise. but why isn’t anyone in the room calling her out on this bullshit?





I mean, it’s MTG. This is literally every second of every day for her. She probably weaves racism into her coffee order.


That much Forever Stupid in one place… Maybe it should be a superfund site?


A swamp that’ll never drain.


Some may wish to make just a single trip and deposit what they’ve saved up in a couple of filled jerry cans.


Calling 18 year olds children is quiet a strech even for her. Granted there are some under 18 year olds who attend college but they are very, very rare. 17 year olds in college are a thing but that’s just an accident of birth date.

Someone should ask her in which schools is CRT being taught to children as part of the curriculum? Bet she cannot name even one.


She’ll either lie and make something up, or say a generic “There’s many schools. Just look it up. Everyone knows this.”

You cannot debate with these people as if you are debating someone who’s arguing in good faith, because they aren’t. The best approach is to not engage. They learned arguing techniques from the sea lions on reddit and other social media. You will never win. When she asked Dodaro how much was being spent on CRT, instead of asking what CRT was (because he knew damn well what she meant) he should have just said, “Nothing. Not one penny.” Because it’s true and he should know that. CRT is NOT being taught in elementary schools. It’s NOT being taught in middle schools. Maybe, somewhere in the country, there’s an advanced class in a high school somewhere that mentions it as part of some other curricula, but it’s not really being taught there, either. And it’s definitely not part of any federal funding. And I realize that with how she’s defining CRT, she’d come back and say that it was being funded, but you can’t get into those games. If she does that, just say, “No, that’s not what CRT is, and we’re not funding CRT in curriculum in public school.” And if she keeps going, just say, “with absolutely no respect whatsoever, you are wrong.” Ok, maybe rephrase that last sentence, but … no, fuck it, say exactly that.


She gets around this by saying that CRT is any effort to address racism or our history properly. Teaching that Black people faced any kind of oppression in America is CRT, and should be banned, according to her and others. Because they are white supremacists who are seeking to take us back to the days of Jim Crow (at least).


To be fair, there are tens of thousands of 16 and 17 year olds taking college classes in the US. Most states have Dual Enrollment programs, which usually means taking a college class in a high school building, but often have kids coming to college campuses to take Gen Ed classes.

But the larger point stands – MTG is a moron.


I certainly hope I outlive it and the rest of that evil fascist gqp horde.

ETA: speling ereor.


Always Flat White?


But CRT isn’t even taught in undergrad. It’s a valid topic in law school, and really no other discipline.


Probably true before the hullabaloo, but the Streisand effect means that for students in the junior and senior classes (and a bit in the freshman classes as well) I have to teach a bit of it so they understand that what’s going on in the political sphere is not related to the reality of how the tendrils of actual CRT inform how we understand things like the growing ideas about race in the modern sense of the word, and how things like developing ideas of what “race” means came to inform any of a number of things going on in Colonial America and the Atlantic World.

So, of course, the irony is that I now teach a bit of CRT, when I never had to before.