Marjorie Taylor Greene's husband divorcing her

Their three kids: “Can we live with Dad?”


She’s brilliant! I’m glad I was able to introduce you to her!


That’s an old fav; especially since they even brought in El DeBarge.


Just the one hog in this case.

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I sense a marketing tie-in!

First prize is a date with her! Second prize is two dates with her! Third prize is a convenant marriage that’s harder to get out of than a student loan.


Holy shit… “they made a book and a documentary and [Henrietta Lacks] family never got any money from that either.” Fuuuuuck.




Oh man, I hope it’s not too late to let her know Jesus was against divorce! I mean, I know she’s got strong feelings against abortion and homosexuality—which Jesus never expressed an opinion on—so she’d want to know Jesus did specifically call out adultery and divorce as big no-nos. Won’t somebody save this poor couple from a terrible, soul-threatening mistake?!


It’s my district, and I’ll probably be banned for calling it Trump’s Little White S##thole.

Bad news is that we women usually score free time after ceasing to caretake a husband. Good news is that if we can get Marcus Flowers elected, we can give her a lifetime vacation from Congress.

At any rate, she apparently has taken leave of vertically fornicating Congress in favor of getting every hole filled except that enormous one in her cranium.


How’s my old district holding up? I mean, other than this same old shit with crazy right wingers?

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He actually resided in the district before deciding to run there, at least. Marge was living down in Alpharetta when she decided to run.


I’ve seen several white residences here in Bullytown with Flowers signs. I’m hoping that the Hispanic vote here will make a significant difference when combined with other urban areas.

We have a large number of closeted mixed-race families here in the Chatsworth area, including mine. They were still fool enough to vote for The Rump, although total vote declined by a percentage point vs. Biden.

Country boys, though, still love their little blonde Mafia moll.


I know the increase of Latinx voters is probably considerable, given the pull of good factory jobs up there. My aunt said that they now have several Spanish language services at her church.

That’s some progress. I also know that the voter turn out is pretty low over all, so there are lots of people just not voting up there (some combination of apathy and the legacy of racial voter suppression).

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