Martin Bashir resigns; MSNBC host suggested Sarah Palin's mouth be shat in


This doesn’t settle the question of whether Sarah Palin’s mouth should be shat in.


I think we all know the answer to that one.


Wow. Insulting a political figure that viciously can only mean one thing. He will get a job at Fox News. Oh, wait, that only works when you insult Democratic political figures. See Erik Erikson.


Martin Bashir has always been an arsehole, especially since that stupid princess interview. He’s an awful journalist.

Good riddance. Since I’ve seen him on US TV it seems he’s been trying to be more of a jerk than Keith Olbermann or Piers Morgan.


Speaking truth to unemployment!


I’m really sorry to see Martin go…he skirted pretty close to the line at times, but be had an incredible knowledge of politics and world history and I enjoyed his show more than many of the other ones like Chris Matthews and Morning Joe. We’ll miss you Martin…good luck with whatever you do next!


Bashir only too elegantly put what we all have been thinking for the past five years. Since she quit her post in Alaska, Palin hasn’t run for public office but still plays the part of politician who calls her constituents “fans.” What exactly does she do other than essentially proposition her self and image to the highest bidder? Sounds like Sarah is America’s highest paid escort! See how down and dirty she’ll get for the money at

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I suppose part of the problem lies in actually discussing dimbulb politicians worth saying that phrase over.

The other problem is that our political programs are devoted to those dimbulb politicians.


Don’t be ridiculous. There’s more than enough shit spilling out of her mouth as it is.


wow. scared to watch the tape. i liked m. bashir’s delivery. of course content-light, but isn’t all news a little lightfooted? happy holidays!

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MSNBC should make this guy their president instead of having him resign. Yes I know that’s not how TV works.


I expected to be entertained by that clip… instead I’m just moved by how sad the stories of Thistlewood and the treatment of slaves. Kinda puts the drama of 24 hour news and these infotainment personalities into perspective… as trivial BS.


So… what IS going too happen too America when the Chinese loan is called in, male-eccentrics aside and all.

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Since the loans are denominated in US currency, absolutely nothing earth shattering will happen. When the US starts taking loans in other currencies it will be an issue


You know, normally I don’t think it’s appropriate to delve into such horrible topics, but in this case, I personally give Mr. Bashir a pass. There is simply no polite way to describe the horrors of slavery, if Mrs. Palin wants to sloppily invoke slavery in her appeal to emotion without truly considering the ramifications of her words, then I don’t have a problem with her language being called out by someone willing to confront those words head-on, politeness-be-damned.


It’s in treasury bonds. They can’t just decide to call it in. They get paid as those bonds become due, the same as any other bond holder.


The same thing when Japan called in their loans in the 80’s.

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No referral/affiliate links outside of threads already about that sort of thing, if you please.


Indeed. Even more importantly, as the bonds stipulate paying what’s owed in US Dollars, it’s very much in the debtholder’s interest for the value of the currency to remain strong. If the economy falters and the value of the currency drops dramatically then money repaid, in US Dollars, is worth less.

This has actually been demonstrated in other countries like Argentina, that artificially pegged their currency to the US Dollar and then discontinued that practice when triple-digit inflation was finally curbed, only to have double-digit inflation. Debts written in the local currency were not worth much as they didn’t float for inflation, and debts in those countries that were explicitly written in US Dollars while the currencies were pegged were suddenly impossible to pay back as the local currency’s inflation wouldn’t let the debtor come up with enough money to satisfy the debt.

If China wants their money plus interest back they need to leave our economy strong, and they need to avoid being in military conflict with us. A weak economy means poor return or negative return on investment, and military conflict means no longer recognizing the debt that China holds, depriving them of repayment of more than a trillion dollars.

China’s holding of US Debt is as big of a problem for China as it is for the US.