Martin Scorsese's Jeb

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They say Jeb is the smart one in the family, maybe, maybe not.


A friend of mine tweeted that Jeb’s picture shows the gun with the safety off. Maybe the NRA can revoke his training certificate?

Happiness is a warm gun…


Answered by @Mister44 here:


$125 million it should say.


Does not compute.

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This may well be the LEAST threatening photo of someone holding a gun I have ever seen. “Vote for me sucka, or I’ll try to see if I can figure out how to use this thing.”


The rule as for how your handle the firearm, where it is pointed, you don’t just pull the trigger thinking it is unloaded.

It is for general handling.

Of course if you are doing dry fire practice, you are pulling the trigger in your home, which you would never do with a live weapon.

And finally, some guns don’t have external safeties such as revolvers or the very popular Glock, and some guns you can’t put on safe with out the weapon being cocked, like the very popular 1911 and AR-15.


Sometimes the reality is a little more complex than what can be addressed with one simple rule in all the levels of detail.

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