Marvel at this incredibly inefficient puddle-shoveling


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Puddle shoveling, puddle shoveling.
I want to be a puddle shoveler when I grow up.


Throw a washing machine, mandolin and guitar in there, and you’d have something snappy.


Someone… ANYONE… please tell this guy about Shop-Vacs!


He only has three people supervising him, though. This kind of work requires at least six overseers to be done properly.


Like a CALTRANS road crew. I am not kidding.


That was me in a former life. Only it was shit.


Maybe he was in the middle of shoveling snow and the area got hit with an unusually fast-acting heat wave.


If your supervisor told you to deal with the mess and hands you an implement, what would YOU do? I’d spend all afternoon slowly dealing with the mess.


I’m going to guess they get paid hourly. Not that the other two are doing much at all.


He’s obviously doing it because someone is pointing a camera at him and he has to, you know, look BUSY.


From STEC’s website:

With five top designing institutes, two top and eight first-class construction companies in the group, STEC is here to offer you the best economical construction design, advanced equipment and sophisticated management to ensure each project’s safety, superb quality, high efficiency and control.


You’re gonna want to use a push broom for that.


Yeah, he’s gonna completely freak out when he learns about the sqeegee.



It’s nice to know public works crews are the same the world over.

(STEC is a state owned enterprise, Chinese SEOs being notoriously badly run).


Well, the puddle’s not going to drain itself…


What do you expect? If you give a man a shovel then every problem looks like a puddle-shovelling one.


He’s not doing that right. See, you wedge it into a crack in the pavement and lean on it.


I was gonna say a hammer, but yeah a push broom might work in a pinch.