Marvel's 'Hawkeye' trailer

The Disney Must Pay situation. Disney refusing to pay artists and creators for the work done in the past for companies they’ve acquired per their contracts. It’s a disgusting and blatant rights grab based on some seriously illegal dipshittery. And they continue to force these folks to come to them one at a time and beg for what they are owed instead of rectifying the situation once and for all.

I had some guilt getting Disney+ from the get go, just on general “Disney is a giant corporate leech that is too powerful and controls too much of the industry now,” but I am not entirely immune to a desire to want more Marvel and Star Wars shows in my life. I’m only human.

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Part of me would have liked to have seen what he did during his Ronin phase after his family were snapped out of existence, but that is probably far darker than Marvel and Disney want to go.


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