Mary Trump book: Court sides with publisher of tell-all book by Trump's niece

On Wednesday evening, a New York appellate court lifted the temporary restraining order against Simon & Schuster, a decision that allows the publisher to move forward with printing copies of the book and shipping them to retailers. The court left the temporary restraining order in place for Mary Trump until a hearing on July 10.


Blowing up the NDA would be nice. Unlike Scientology, Trump can’t play the religious defense.


Will any of Donny Boy’s joy squad believe a word?

Wanna bet? He believes He was sent by God Almighty, so anything that He wants IS religion. To prevent Him from getting whatever He wants when He wants it is to be against God and destroy His and His followers’ religious freedumbs

Even if the NDA is upheld it’s unlikely it could stop her publisher from releasing the book since they were never party to the NDA. The best outcome Donald Trump can reasonably hope for is collecting damages from Mary Trump after the fact.

ETA: Actually even that outcome is highly unlikely since it’s Trump’s brother who is officially named as the plaintiff in the lawsuit, presumably so Donald can keep the whole ordeal at arm’s length.


Meanwhile, this is newly out:

Herb notes that “the Ever Trumpers started showing up on Fifth Avenue with their bull’s-eye shirts saying, ‘Shoot me , Mr. Trump!’ . . . Politics is supposed to be a cynical business, but it warmed my heart to see such devotion.”

Yes, he’s William F. Buckley’s son.


The horse has now officially left the barn but the lawyers are still trying to shut the doors.

This feels like a desperate Hail-Mary argument even by the standards of Donald Trump’s legal team. Clearly someone doesn’t understand how NDAs work (or is hoping the Judge doesn’t) if they’re still trying to use an NDA to win prior restraint against Mary, let alone her publisher.


I doubt even a Trump family lawyer would be stupid enough to ethically approve of this latest move… or — being on retainer — put up much of an argument on its likely ineffectiveness.


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