Masked Mexican wrestler battles fake border patrol agents in the ring [video]

[Video Link] Filmmaker Kevin Gordon says: The wrestler Blue Demon Jr. carries the mantle of the legendary luchador Blue Demon (who he says is his adoptive father). He sees his role as part of a larger mission to speak up for Mexican immigrants. Blue Demon Jr.’s feud with Oliver John [who plays the anti-immigrant leader… READ THE REST

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Nice one!

I guess it makes a nice change to have a higher purpose for all that silliness : p

For context: Blue Demon Jr.’ father fighted against mummies, infernal brains, Dr. Frankenstein and “Satanic Power” (sic) in his 60’s and 70’s movies:

The WWE apparently has some kind of immigration plotline going too. John Oliver & Mick Foley did a bit about it on the daily show

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