Mass shooting at church in Sutherland Springs, Texas


(Edit: Fixed NYT link and added a third source, KENS5, who broke the story.)


Have politicians sent their thoughts and prayers yet? Not that it has worked so far, but that seems to be all that they are willing to do lately.



Unsurprisingly, there is currently a widespread push across fascist and fascist-friendly media attempting to tie this to the left.

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Please don’t be a minority. Please don’t be associated with the left. Please.


Yeah, that’s why I included a Fox News link. Coverage of the story is part of the story.


Praise be! Annnnnd the gawd’s gun stocks will rise again y’all. Say it with me folks! Guns are the light. Guns are the light. Praise be the guns! /Xtreme S



Shooter’s name was Devin Kelley, AP is building a profile now

EDIT: link to developing story,


Well, it’s a white guy, so clearly he’s a “lone wolf” with “mental problems” rather than a guy who wanted to murder people and terrorize a community with the power a gun gave him.


Republicans on Vegas: let’s not politicize this
Republicans on Texas: ANTIFA ANTIFA ANTIFA

Fuck the alt-reich.


And at least one False Flag video is already up on YouTube.


At least



And the beat goes on,


Thanks for that update. I found more details on the shooter (and shooting) here:


Dishonorably discharged and court-martialed in 2014, so he could not legally possess a gun.


White male, sense of failure, ex-military. It’s the standard mass-shooter profile, as described by George Ciccariello-Maher.


“…false claims were made that [Ciccariello-Maher] was celebrating the shootings, or believed that those who were slaughtered somehow “deserved it.” In the aftermath of these smears, Maher was placed on leave from teaching…however due to an outpouring of support, he has since been allowed to teach online classes but remains barred from physically entering campus.”

Wow. Freeze speech. Way to go, Drexel.


I’ve posted a fair bit about George over in the Freeze thread: