Matsuoka Shuzo is the uplifting voice we need right now

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Motto motto!


Love his videos, i’ve seen them before and he’s genuinely inspiring and uplifting.

On a related note, the current political situation has me incredibly depressed. Not a figure of speech type of way, but actually terribly depressed. Trying my best to get better ]:


Hang in there! Don’t let those bastards win! I felt sick to my stomach when I woke up to the news, and I don’t even live anywhere close to the US…


I live in a fairly progressive town and have a decent job that allows me quite a bit of safety and freedom. So i know i’ll be ok in the long term. But i am pretty concerned for my parents and extended family, they’ve been slowly coming to the US under asylum because of the political and social situation in Venezuela. With Trump in power now the already difficult life my family has been coping with may be more difficult. I’m heartbroken over the election results and i’m trying my best to rise above it all. It’s been draining however.

Still i appreciate the words of kindness and encouragement.


Ouch, sounds harsh with the extended family! I hope things turn out well for all of you!

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