Matt Gaetz just encouraged people at a rally to shoot Silicon Valley workers

Something like:

  1. I never said that.
  2. I said it, but it’s been taken out of context to distort what I said.
  3. I was just joking. Liberals and the fake news have no sense of humor.

Then say something even more outrageous to distract from the previous thing said.


“Maybe if you just [pretend to] conform to their way of thinking [about child rape] a little more, then you’ll be allowed to participate in the digital world.”

Or maybe not. No internet in prison, Matt.


I can’t wait for them to realize that threatening people with violence to get them to stop is cancel culture. /s


what does “public demonization” have to do wwith anything?

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Why is this asshole not in jail right now? The sex trafficking alone should have his ass in the slammer right?


Dear Representative Gaetz: As a Silicon Valley programmer, I’d just like to wish you a happy prosecution, speedy conviction, and prolonged incarceration.


And he did it the day after a mass shooting in Silicon Valley.

Christ, what an asshole.




Yeah, no. In 2015, I was saying the same thing about Trump…


Wait, who are we talking about again?

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Fools and their money.


I don’t know really.
Historically, fascists are NOT keen on actual confrontation with opposing forces of equal or superior strength, on an open battlefield. They are good for a bit of the ol’ ten-against-one, and puttin’ the boot in, but the moment things get hairy they fold and run.
Basically, they are the exact opposite of the “Stalwart Warrior” ethos they like to use in their propaganda. Rather than their beloved Siegfried, think Iago, but much less articulate and likeable.


I agree … but some of these delusional GQP ammosexual nutjobs aren’t even clever enough to be proper fascists (i.e. the sort who only act when it’s 10 to 1, as you say). They really are dumb enough to think that if there’s enough of them in a heavily armed mini-mob, nobody will oppose them - like last time.


How soon until this piece of shit is in prison?


Are you being serious?

“public demonization” is part of it, where a person or group is called out as “wicked and threatening”. The people listening believe it, and the larger the public audience, the more likelihood that someone will act on it.


He’ll claim he meant to say first amendment, in reference to the speech the tech companies are suppressing. The speech is structured to make that the first fall back. If that isn’t enough to keep people at bay, he will switch it to being about the censoring of gun ads on Facebook. But really his defense is that our media and political system ensures that he won’t face consequences for it.

I don’t. Every time we are tempted by accelerationist arguments that more of the bad thing will make people realize the thing is bad, it backfires. We only have so many steps further down the road of Republican extremism before we reach the point of mass violence, and by mass I don’t mean single acts like Jan 6 or Oklahoma City, I mean them switching to fully exterminationist actions or the possibility of a Syrian style conflict in a major nuclear power. People get used to bad and dangerous ideas quickly.


Yeah I am serious-- that dictionary definition sounds thinly sourced.

Warning to those with a Twitter account: when Alex Jones did basically the same thing last summer: urge murder of “liberals” before they kill “us”…I merely asked why he could do this and not get arrested, as surely it’s not “free speech”. I asked my followers to explain to me why fascist right wingers like Jones, Nugent, get away with this.

And Twitter suspended my account. When it came back up 7 days later, I asked my followers to tell me what was “hateful speech” in my query. Twitter suspended my account forever, apparently: no one really reads your “appeal.”

tl;dr: think twice before asking a question about this as a First Amendment issue on Twitter.


Twitter protects those who make Twitter money.


The current ones were armed. I counted at least 10 holsters in videos, and I could see at least 4 visible weapons in the ones I saw, as well as bulges that easily could have been concealed holsters in the shoulders or backs. I’d wager that there were a lot of weapons there. Now, they’re all claiming that they were tasers or bearspray holsters, but bear spray holsters and taser holsters generally don’t look like gun holsters.