Matt Gaetz says he used to date Cassidy Hutchinson. Her response: "I have much higher standards in men"

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I can’t imagine any such relationship working out given that she’s only 15 years younger than he is.


Been reading a lot of excerpts and analysis of her book lately and I’ve got to say, she definitely comes off a lot worse than the “hero of Jan 6th committee hearing” narrative would lead one to believe. The thing that really got me is that, by her own admission, only gave up evidence to the committee once it was clear she wouldn’t be offered a job at Mar a Lago. At one point she ponders whether she should “continue to be complicit” in the criminal behavior.

Just another grifter willing to flush democracy down the toilet for cheap brass fittings.


The “I have higher standards in men” comes across as very disingenuous considering she flat out admits to idolizing Trump and is only pissed off now because she wasn’t offered a job post-Presidency.


Also, it’s been a while since Hutchinson was a teenager, so she’s out of Gaetz’s dating pool anyway.

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No, you see. . . he meant that other Cassidy Hutchinson, he met her at band camp, they had a fling that one crazy summer. She lives in Canada.


Yeah, generally the company she was keeping (and that admission she and Gaetz were “good friends”) rather contradicts her assertion about her standards…



Also, having “much higher standards in men” than Matt Goetz isn’t much of a flex. That’s a really low bar.


“Look, I’ve got standards. I won’t date any creepy, slimy, fascist pedophiles!”


Let me guess: he was a counselor and she was a camper.

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The original working title of her book:

“Even Though I Was Fully Aboard with All of the Heinous Stuff the Trump Administration Did, When I Was Denied a Job, I Decided There Was No Longer ENOUGH In It for ME.”

A good editor can work wonders.


Was going to say, one paragraph is more than enough Cassidy Hutchison for me…

She didn’t have to testify, and she did. She could have kept her head down, but she didn’t.


And I give her credit for that. I’m glad she did it. That doesn’t excuse all that she condoned before, and for all I know, condones now.

Edit: She knew there would be blowback, up to and including threats to her physical safety. So, at least in this vein, there was an element of bravery in coming forward. But did she distance herself in previous instances when viloence was incited against others at the direction of the administration she served? Nah, she didn’t. So.


I’m guessing “standards” is roughly interchangeable with $$.


No it doesn’t, but focusing on that, rather than on what she did to help protect democracy, at the expense of her safety, I might add, doesn’t really help either. Yes, she was in his white house and embraced his movement… but if people do start to move away with that, maybe we should applaud it rather than dismissing them out of hand.

Hopefully, she’s learned something and will move on and be a better person in the future. We can keep harping on her mistakes, or we can support that moving on.


At great personal cost. She tanked her career with the GOP to tell the truth. Better that it took some time to get to that path than not walking it at all. I’m not sure who’s going to buy this book aside from the Lincoln Project, but I kind of hope she gets something in return for sticking her neck out.


Indeed, because plenty of people did exactly the opposite. They shut the fuck up, and they went along… they are STILL going along with it, in fact, including people in congress. This is despite the fact that behind closed doors, many of them roundly reject trump and his movement.