Mayor says town seal depicting white man strangling Native American is a "friendly wrestling match"


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The town had to be Whitesboro.



there is apparently no limit to stupid.


With friendly friends like that you damn sure wouldn’t want any enemies. And the name Whitesboro practically screams diversity and welcome to all…white people.


And I thought this kind of thing wasn’t around anymore or made up


As a result, the village changed the image so that its founder’s hands were on the Native American’s shoulders — rather than up by his neck — but ultimately kept the seal intact.



Well, according to the always correct wikipedia:


Are you sure this isn’t the town seal for Pawnee, Indiana?


I wondering if such a small town/village could even afford to pay an artist to create a better depiction of the wrestling match or an entirely new seal without it coming out horribly wrong/weird.


Man looking at the original seal it is hard to tell what the hell is going on other than people with bizzaro shaped arms are pushing or pulling the other to the ground. Could be some kind of gay sex initiation… or wait that would be wrestling wouldn’t it.

Seriously though that is in poor taste. Even it was historically a wrestling match it is a very poor depiction of it. Just pick a flower, or a bird, local river, something, just about anything but what it currently is.


the mayor doesn’t want to upset people who have a set schedule of boring non-essential things to do, because they are comfortable and they earned it.


Yes, being assigned the job of depicting the contradiction between “honor” and “slaughter” would likely short-circuit any artist’s conceptual capacities.


I say keep it. The fact that you can’t discern if it is a violent fight or friendly contest mirrors the whole complicated, dirty past.


One could only imagine the nagging, over the shoulder input from the hardliners at the Whitesboro Historical Seal Committee.


Eye of the beholder, eh?


You want a friendly-looking depiction of a guy in a leather jacket and an American Indian? No problem! All you have to do is crop out the cowboy, soldier, cop and construction worker.


That’s not class warfare!

It is class FUN-FARE!


Give it the 4 year old test. They’ll tell you exactly what it’s going on.