McConnell recommends Garland to head up the FBI



“He was the prosecutor in the Oklahoma City bombing case."

Trump: He hates Muslims too!? Good!
Advisor: whispers mumble, mumble Timothy McVeigh
Trump: What! he persecuted [sic] a patriot!? No wonder Obama loved him so much. No Way!


I just can’t anymore.


I just wonder what fucking mental gymnastics these guys have to be doing in order to justify stuff like this.


it absolutely boggles my mind.


“The FBI director must be a critically impartial person with a deep knowledge of the law, completely unlike, for example, a judge.”


It’s not that he wouldn’t be fit - I’m sure he could do this job. It’s that they blocked him for a FUCKING YEAR to be on SC and then want to make him head of the FBI.

I’m just sick of them being insulting assholes to the entire country, with the exception of their radical base. It’s like they are throwing us a bone here as if it will make up for all the serious damage they have caused and continue to cause by enabling dangerous elements like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and especially Donald Trump.


Well the entire reason to do this is to appear bipartisan but continue to line the federal courts with GOP ideologues. It’s still serving their core base in the end.


Yep. entirely true. Just throwing us a bone… “oh, you like Garland, well he can do this job, instead of the one the former president wanted him to have.” [quote=“emo_pinata, post:8, topic:101045”]
It’s still serving their core base in the end.

True, true. Everything they do is related to this. They don’t give a shit about the rest of us at all.


I don’t know why Garland would take the job anyway… he can be fired too. On the other hand, he currently sits in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals… can’t get fired from that job. Also, who would they replace him with there?


Apparently, he’s not interested anyway. I doubt it’s because he can get fired though. If you’re a federal judge, you’ve made it and I’m sure money is not a major concern.

It’s just the whole… arrogance of the thing that really irks me.


As if Garland were a darling of the American left or something, rather than a guy who was objectively qualified. Obama picked him because he thought Garland was a person a Republican senate could get behind, not because he grew up with a dream of putting Garland on the SC.

But it’s not necessarily about the money, it’s about the hassle. Who wants Trump breathing down their neck?

And all of that besides, McConnell made this recommendation, Trump didn’t. It’s going to be Jared Kushner and we all know it (this is a joke unless it is Kushner and then it’s prescience).


I know, right!? [quote=“Humbabella, post:12, topic:101045”]
it’s about the hassle. Who wants Trump breathing down their neck?

None of us, basically! But there are a subset of people who want Trump breathing down OUR necks, which is a problem. [quote=“Humbabella, post:12, topic:101045”]
And all of that besides, McConnell made this recommendation, Trump didn’t.

I double, triple know! This whole thing is a fail from the start.


Maybe I’m being too optimistic, but I think McConnell might be trying to take a step back from the brink. By bringing in someone approved by the Obama administration, you get away from the Trump trend of stocking the whole government with people whose primary qualification is loyalty to Trump.


I’d like to think the best of him, but then we have the entire history of GOP obstructionism with regards to the Obama administration. I’ve never seen them act in good faith for the good of us all in recent history.


It’s hard to judge. The whole republican party right now is the dog that finally caught the car it was chasing - they never had a plan for what to do once they caught it.

As long as adults were running the show, McConnell could play the petulant child having a tantrum for eight years. Now? with Trump in charge? I don’t think McConnell & I agree on much, but even he might be seeing that turning the country into a banana republic doesn’t work out well for anyone but the family of the president

ETA: I don’t think it’s that he’s suddenly decided to act in the best interests of the country. I think he might no longer believe that his interests are aligned with Trump’s


For each and every cabinet member, advisor, and family member: FOLLOW THE MONEY.


IMO I do not think arrogance is the right word here.

unmitigated gall maybe?


cc @emo_pinata

If only we had tax returns to help with this.


Tax returns alone won’t get you there (hey, you knew that :slight_smile:) , but they are a starting point (short of leaks).