McKinney 911 ninja roll GIF


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Not a very well known fact: All nations have ninja warriors – it just happens that the Japanese ones are the worst (that’s why they are probably the only ones that y’all know about).


Not really. he pauses a little when he gets up, and loses a lot of momentum. amateur. I was once on a school trip from Maine to DC to compete in a national choir competition. Knowing the busride would be 14 hours long, a small group of us thought LSD would be a good way to pass the time. At a rest area, a bunch of army dude in humvees were gassing up. We decided to ask them if there were any real world tactical use for commando rolls. They asked us what we meant, and we showed them. They said no, but gave our commando rolls their seal of approval. All in all a good day.


I believe the proper name for this style is Rex Kwan Do


Did he slide on his butt across the hood of any cars? That would be good evidence that the roll was intentional because it indicates the guy is actually living in an action movie.


Say what you want about the guy, it is hard and painful to do a roll like that with a gun, magazines, cuffs, mace, baton, etc on your waist. It would hurt like a mofo.


I’m surprised the cop didn’t get up and shoot that sidewalk for the way it hit him.



I cannot

my eyes


How was he supposed to know he’d be wearing all navy blue that day?




Men, match your socks to your pants. Boys, carry on.


I swear, I thought that I was watching Tim Allen in Galaxy Quest.


So, no pants, no socks?


For the record, some of us can pull off the look like a boss.


Do a barrel roll to protest police racism and brutality! #casebolting


Come here Rex!


I can’t tell if that’s his sidearm or a baton in his hand; if it’s his sidearm, holy crap this guy is insane and dangerous. Well, I guess I could have gathered that upon how he handled the situation with the utmost grace and compassion, truly a great supporter of the community.


I went looking for a video of Barny Fife tripping and/or rolling, but it seems even he never pulled off that “feat”.

Can someone add clown shoes to this video?




clearly this idiot had way too much coffee.