McKinney 911 ninja roll GIF

Na, the sidewalk is white.


You confuse being a bad ass with looking good. He looks like a badass in spite of those socks.

Works for me

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Making statements using the pronoun “us” where I include both myself and Bruce Lee is going to be my new daily affirmation…


I like how the one cop was telling all the black men to get on the ground, but no one else…

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See, this is what’s wrong with animated .gifs, you can’t hear the soundtrack, which is a guy going, “dunnn dunnn dundun dunnn dunnn dundun…”


Congratulations, you found a way to express admiration for a cop! Even this one.

if he was a real man and a good cop when he saw that towel he would have made pawing motions with his hooves, held his index fingers on each side of his forehead to signify horns, snorted loudly and maybe made a deep mooing sound and chased that lawbreaker out of that corral.


I haven’t watched the entire video, so I have a question for those of you who have. Why did he do the Ninja Roll ™? My hypothesis is that he was trying to get out of the field of view of the person making the video. Which is right up there in the What A Maroon rankings.

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Can’t wait till Blanka gets added.

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Is that from Ultraman? Too much awesome…


It’s right there in the article summary. He tripped and converted that trip into a roll.

This is why Andy never lets Barney Fife have a bullet.

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Well he seems to have aimed for the grass. That suggests intent.

He does appear to smack it with his baton.

I think what I saw was the whole video, and this is where it starts. So there’s no way to know.

I’m going to go with “maroon” for the reason why.

I think he was trying to fly, but failed to miss the ground.


I hope you realize that was sarcasm.

Ah! No I didn’t, and that’s good to hear.


Luckily its clear from the rest of the video that he’s holding his baton—he “only” pulls out his sidearm later in the video, when he draws it on the 14-year-old girl. Luckily his two partners came up from behind and stopped him.