Meet 2 real-life guys behind Donald Trump's "400 pound hacker" stereotype


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Ahhh, Derbycon.

Went one year with my Ex since I had worked in Louisville a few weeks a while before, loved the town. Went to some talks, learned some stuff.

Then I spent the rest of the time fishing and drinking with nerds.

Came home with a 1 watt laser, and a clever rubber bracelet that said, “Liverstrong”. Lol!

Love that town. Nothing but nerdy, good fun whenever I’ve been.


Liverstrong indeed.

I love Derbycon.


Seems to me there are a lot of jobs where you’re sitting all the time, so why IT guys are stereotyped as fat but not everyone else is confusing (especially since nearly every office job is computer based these days.)


Because IT is glorified. Look at shows like the IT Crowd. IT people are the “cool kids” now so everyone wants to break us down. In a lot of ways IT people are like the cowboys of the American west. So saddle up my friend, it’s going to be a long ride to to glory. The glory of physical fitness. Giddy up!!!


Can alcohol and spiritous beverages fit into a regiment of healthy eating ?


That is shitty and cruel, just like Donald Trump.

tRump went there on Fat Shaming, like we thought that would never happen. BTW: He’s got zero room to talk on the extra LB’s department.


When I see a super-obese person, I feel bad for them. Unless you are willing and able to get surgery, you’re kinda fucked. Fat cells are easy to get and once you have them, they aren’t going anywhere.


Why all the hate? Why fat shame Donald trump? You should check your motivations


You are a compassion person it really show. I feel bad for them too sometime expect they could be good place to be in time of famine! Excuse my english I’m from Canada



I hate Trump as much as the next person – maybe more – but:

“It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, OK? You don’t know who broke in to DNC.”

actually doesn’t seem nearly as hateful as a lot of the other stuff he says, so I’m not really sure why there’s an attempt to whip this into a storm. Seems to me there’s a lot better material to work with on that front; after all, the 'Net isn’t big enough to address all of the stupid things he says, and folks are going to get desensitized by the “all Trump, all the time” that’s going on.


In moderation, absolutely.




It is wrong to fat shame.

It is not wrong to shame Donald Trump, since he has none and desperately needs more than we can give.


DT refuses to answer.

  1. Check motivations
  2. Do you still despise everything Donald Trump stands for?


Checking right now!


Ketosis takes care of that problem. Your somewhat stinky but reliable friend.


So if you’re reading this and you are a heavy hacker, we at Boing Boing are here to say that you do not have to lose weight to be a worthy human being.

What about the heavy hackers who are not technically human beings?


I’ve seen this floating around for some years,


Wow at all the obvious sock puppets in this thread…