Meet Jeff: mocumentary/biopic about a giant, killer robot who plays himself


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Got a typo in the title. It’s missing the K in Mockumentary :)

According to Youtube commenter Summer Glau Channel, “Jeff is a cleverly designed suit with a real man inside that employs animatronics to give the illusion of a lurching heavy mech. It was created especially for Comic-Con 2013. ”

This seems implausible without a big-ass tether for electric & hydraulic and probably mechanical support to avoid crushing the actor, but the design does suggest a real person suit, what with the smaller pair of arms. You can see how a guy would fit in there. Does anyone know if this is actually a real world object or is it all CG?

There’s a guy in there:

Really, really impressed by this!


I’m pretty sure Jeff’s cousin starred in Moontrap:

Hi, I’m the guy behind Youtube commenter Summer Glau Channel.
As Alan Scott from Legacy Effects says at 0:33 of whizse’s video, “It’s a suit with animatronics built-in”. The rest of my comment on YT is taken from the description of the video.

Btw, Alphas co-creator Michael Karnow is behind Wired’s new web series Jeff 1000. Karnow agreed to grant me an exclusive interview. Feel free to send your questions here:

David Arquette is perfect too. Shame that guy doesn’t get more work (or at least I don’t see him in whatever he’s in nowadays).

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