Meet the Philanthropic Vampire Courts of Texas

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“Quick Guillermo!, get the ubers. We have been invited to Texas!”
-Nandor the Relentless


This doesn’t seem surprising. The courts are, by necessity, a communal endeavor that requires combined effort for existance. The underlying philosopy of (some) Satanic communities is more along the lines of anarcho-syndicalists or cooperative libertarianism, with a stronger sense of non-provocation than is seen in the “my personal liberty trumps your personal liberty” form espoused by some of the big-L folks. They’re not too far apart on some issues of social cohesion, but perhaps just enough to show differences in outcomes.


You know, the older I get, the less willing I am to refrain from comment - I know bullshit when I see it. It’s great that their club raises money for worthy causes, but the ethos at the “heart” of it is a joke at best. It’s an excuse to play Hallow’een dress-up and show how outre they are. “Top THIS poseurs!”

Of course they are great fodder for academics, culture-warriors (on both sides), and journalists.

lol Colin Robinson was the first thing I thought of when i read “draining psychic energies”

Go AWAY Colin Robinson!!
-Nandor the Relentless


There is much better things to be upset about than some happy mutants just happily doing their thing and raising money for charity to boot. It’s not hurting you, so why get so bent out of shape about it.


Yes. Clearly the worst of humanity who are destroying all that is good and holy in Amuricah. /s


But but they are wearing loud garish clothes associated with a subculture … For attention!!!


“No matter how weird or how spooky you think your passions and ideas are, you have a place where you’re not judged for it.”

This seems either not true or not good. Some people’s passions are pretty bad stuff.


What’s funny is, I thought they invented the “energy vampire” shtick for the show, but clearly, the creators had read about this.


I think it just some people can’t imagine others doing things because it brings them joy… It must be illegitimate attention seeking to step outside of the norms of society in some way. Maybe it just… makes people happy? :woman_shrugging:t2: Honestly, it’s the same tired old argument that people have been lobbing at counter and subcultures since the 60s, as if our mainstream culture isn’t deeply problematic and even harmful in many ways.


Of course no other groups of people with other interests dress in costumes, right?


Unless “heartwarming” is kind of ableist in this context?

That’s vitalist language, surely?

[Looks at traditional philanthropic societies…] Oh yeah, how totally different.


I just think it is weird that fashion is suddenly burdened with the problem of authenticity the moment it diverges from mainstream trends and especially if it stubbornly sticks to something outside them.


Heh. Charity comes from some of the most unlikely sources.

I had a family member that used to be in a biker gang back several decades. (not a social club type either, but a ‘cross us and we’ll break every bone in your limbs’ type.) Over the years, they did end up mellowing out (more or less), but even at their most bad-ass, they’d help people out if they saw a real need. %deity% help you if you crossed them, but they were, at their core, decent people.


I think that might be the second or perhaps third time you have replied to me with that GIF.

I’m not bent out of shape - and I don’t think I implied that it had anything to do with what is good or holy, or much of anything at all. Just that it was bullshit. I have a PhD in Sociology (which is FULL of bullshit), so I know of what I speak. When the emperor is naked, I like to point it out.

I think my point is that for the people you illustrate, it is the equivalent of Hallow’een when they do that.

It’s about time the press started shining some light on this fascinating subcultu—OH NO TOO MUCH, TOO MUCH!


Clearly, YOU feel superior to them. It’s not your groove, that’s cool. But this year has been nothing but one heaping turd after another. Why not let people enjoy things that brings them a bit of happiness in this increasingly shitty world?

Maybe don’t dump on the rest of us with phds in non-STEM fields because you feel like it’s BS? The right wing has been doggedly going after the humanities for years now, and we are precisely in the situations we’re in (in part) because they’ve been successful at delegitmizing those fields of knowledge (along with science) among the public. NOT understanding human society has real world consequences that we are experiencing right now.



Here’s the thing, though:

In that story, the emperor was naked; that was a fact which everyone but the little kid was ignoring, not an opinion.


Is a personal opinion, NOT a verifiable fact; regardless to what your area of expertise may be.