Meet Vicki Baggett, Florida's anti-Woke pro-Confederate would-be book-banner

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“… Vicki Baggett, a high school English teacher…”

Some folk shouldn’t be left unsupervised with children.


I curious what her classes are like. I know high school English classes tend to have kids reading the same old English lit classics written by the same old white men – but I wonder if she’s got them reading The Turner Diaries and suchlike…


The legislation, among other things, prohibits instructing students that they ‘must feel guilt, anguish… because of actions, in which the person played no part, committed in the past by other members of the same race, color, national origin, or sex.’

What a shameless strawman. Nobody is telling students they should feel guilt because of their ancestors’ actions. The anguish and feeling of responsibility comes naturally from their being decent, compassionate human beings who want to help and prevent the same atrocities being repeated, something the anti-woke cowards are incapable of understanding. They’d rather hide their heads in the sand and deny their past than face it with courage and try to make a better future.


She said the book was inappropriate because “not all whites treated blacks like this.”

“However,” she continued, “had I been there I would have been one who did.”


I assume it never even occurred to the supporters of this law that just because you’re a white person doesn’t mean you automatically need to identify with the oppressors in the story instead of identifying with the people fighting against oppression. Even during the height of the Confederacy there were always some white folks doing the right thing by helping their fellow human beings escape to freedom.

Heck, here’s one they can brag about if it makes them feel better: Obadiah Bush, ancestor of the Bush political dynasty, was vice-President of the American Anti-Slavery Society and a supporter of the Underground Railroad. That’s right, Florida! Your favorite failson of a former governor had a pretty woke great-great-great-grandfather!


Damn groomer! /s


In 2015, Baggett posted a picture of the Confederate Flag on her Facebook page.
Baggett said she posted the flag because “everyone in my clan fought in the Civil War” and she was not “ashamed of that.” Baggett added that she was a member of the Daughters of the Confederacy, which has been designated as part of the Neo-Confederate movement.

Pointing out what my ancestors did is only intended to make me ashamed of myself! Also, I’m totally proud of what my ancestors did…

Baggett said she did not believe the photo of the Confederate Flag she posted on Facebook could make her students uncomfortable.

Hmm, a confederate flag is okay, but that other stuff will make people feel bad, I wonder why? Oh, that’s right, it’s…


Makes you wonder what they would say when it’s pointed out to them that the Bible and Christianity are thus excluded because it places guilt for Adam and Eve’s sin on all of us.


Same people who go into a froth about taking down Confederate statues because it “erases history” seem pretty interested in erasing history.


“Not all white people” implies that generalizations are bad. So let’s teach about generalizations! Not all athletes play basketball, either. Not all children feel bad because their ancestors were awful. However…

I think the real problem is the anti-woke crowd is afraid their children will come home and be ashamed of their parents because of what their parents (and other living relatives) have said and done to reveal their attitudes.


This is absolutely it!

They can draw parallels to shitty thinking in their own recent family.

My mother flipped her shit and barreled down to my school to “Karen” at the principal when the school sent literature home about the dangers of smoking (70s). It all stemmed from her not wanting to feel shamed about chain-smoking at home (and her office). When her office finally outlawed smoking, she rage-quit her job in protest. She was a treat.


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I await the request to ban the Bible by Jews, agnostics, atheists, Satanists, and others as it just might cause them to “feel guilt, anguish… because of actions, in which the person played no part, committed in the past by other members of the same race, color, national origin, or sex.”


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