Megachurch pastor has to make the hard choice between a lambo & church roof repairs

Also: His mistress said that he bought her a BMV

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The garage roof is fine, right?


Good thing the road to hell doesn’t need new pavement.


I know that I should feel sorry for people who fall for scammers, but what can you do with fools who continue to give their money away to such obvious con-artists?


Would attempting to start your own, more convincing, con, purely to ensure that their money ended up with a con artist you knew to be less morally bankrupt, qualify as ‘harm reduction’ in this instance; or does even considering that option make me a bad person?

I can’t think of any good reasons for people to just give me money; but I’ve never cheated on a partner, have no history of mail fraud or tax evasion; and my idea of luxury spending involves the occasional video card; so if you were going to give it to some ‘gospel of wealth’ type or televangelist you could do better by giving it to me…


My use of “obvious” is intended to describe the magnitude of donators’ foolishness.

Sorry you had to come all this way.

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Thoughts & prayers?

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That’s the (no-cost) ticket!

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