Mel Brooks cement prank at the Chinese Theater


ok, THAT i can respect. bravo, sir.


He shows up on Conan last night, wearing the extra finger. Conan didn’t notice until Brooks pointed it out halfway through the interview.


It took me a few seconds to notice it in the picture in the OP, even though I knew I was meant to be looking for something odd.


How did he do such fantastic stunts with such little feet?


88 yrs young, gotta love em.


Shit, I didn’t know he was still alive. So that’s cheered me up no end :smile:

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“Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.”

That’s even more true when you have eleven fingers.


It’s a good gag but credit is due to Ward Kimball, whose Disney Legends plaque has a full twelve fingers.

Anyone remember the kid’s toy “Six Finger” from the 1960s? The spy craze was in full force, with James Bond, Matt Helm, Man From Uncle, Secret Agent, and I Spy. Spy toys were all the rage. I had a toy cigarette lighter that was really a cap gun and fake radio. And Six Finger was a “flesh colored” (for the only consumers that seemed to matter back then) extra finger that you could palm in your hand, next to your index finger. It was spring loaded, and came with 5 different things you could shoot out of it. On one, you put a “greenie” cap and it was supposed to explode on contact, but never did. Another was a capsule where you could hide a note, and then shoot it to someone. And to write that note, it also had an ink pen adapter that fit into the end of the finger.
Commercial on YouTube


Wait a minute. It is only now that Mel Brooks is getting a star??


For a long time, the more important people in Hollywood didn’t want to be associated with Hollywood Blvd., which during the 70’s and 80s got pretty seedy. Hollywood and Vine was all about hookers and blow.

There’s more than one type of recognition on the Walk of Fame. There are the star plaques set into the sidewalk (Mel got his April 23, 2010), and then, closer to the entrance to the Chinese Theatre are some more places where a famous people left hand and footprints as well as signature in a block of wet cement which was then placed into the existing sidewalk.

This was that ceremony.

It was still waaaaay overdue - and this is how you know he was robbed:

Yep, the Twilight cast got their ceremony first (at all).

EDIT: Since most people don’t know how you get a star on the Walk of Fame - I thought this article might be helpful here. As I said, people didn’t want to show up there for a while, so now the Chamber of Commerce make people promise to show up for the unveiling in their application (and there’s more).

In most cases, studios pay for the footprint ceremonies - which happen at film premieres.


My name is Inigo Montoya…

I’m just sorry Mel didn’t get his ceremony early enough to be part of this, although, ironically, it was recorded during that seedy period:


Required link:


Hand/foot prints at the Chinese Theater are not the same as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Having a block in the Chinese Theater forecourt is far more prestigious than a star on the HWF.

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I know! Mandy Patinkin will at last find the 6-fingered man!

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