Melissa Gilbert talks about humiliating sexual harassment by Oliver Stone


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But it’s not surprising that Stone is a vindictive creep, given how he was licking Putin’s asshole last year.


I was wondering when Oliver Stone’s name would eventually show up. I’ve been hearing awful things about him when I was a writer in Hollywood back in the early 90s.


His statement about Weinstein comes a bit more in to focus.


Oliver Stone should be continually embarrassed, in or out of public.


What an asshole (not you, Stone).


A few months ago, I read a Guardian piece that confirms he still hasn’t pulled his tongue out:


He’s busy moving it “back… and to the left… back… and to the left”.


What a shitbag.


Side note: that’s one of my favourite few seconds in Peep Show


OH yeah, Peep Show is great. I think I haven’t seen the last episode as Hulu went to no free stuff.


Each and every scene with Super Hans is a classic.




So this would have been in 1989 or '90? (The Doors film was released in 1991.)

Beginning in 2001 Gilbert was elected to two consecutive terms as president of the Screen Actors Guild, and also served as a vice president of the AFL-CIO at the same time. This makes me wonder if the union has any process in place to protect their members from this kind of abuse, or sanction those who do it - or if they will in the future.



I think it’s all on yt


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