Mexican government seeks justice in wake of El Paso terrorist attack

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The shooter will not be extradited. He is an American citizen and committed the crime on U.S. soil. Mexico has no case for extradition. I doubt they can even succeed with a lawsuit against the gun manufacturers and dealers who supplied the weapon. Frankly, I don’t think the Mexican government can do anything other than express their outrage. Or possibly designate the U.S. as a destination dangerous for Mexicans to visit, which would amount to the same thing.


Does that matter, though? I’m thinking here of Julian Assange, who is not a US citizen, and wasn’t in the US when he leaked classified information – yet the US is still trying to extradite him.


Yes, it matters. The power dynamics are different. Mexico has no conceivable way to enforce an extradition request. There are probably also constitutional concerns in this case that would not apply in Assange’s. (IANAL applies here.)


It’s a stunt that will make things worse. Conservatives with a brain will point to the border violence surrounding the drug cartels as justification to ignore this, or counter-sue or whatever it is countries do in this situation.


Yeah, of all the moral high ground the government of Mexico can claim, pointing fingers at the US for being unwilling and/or unable to reign in violence doesn’t see like the most firm.


Somehow I feel that these two comments are not unrelated.

Stupid orange clown president is constantly going on about the issues the Mexicans create. This may just be a way for the Mexican government to say “hey, you know what you ''Mericans” are also violent murderers, maybe do something about that. Stop throwing rocks in your glass house."


To be sure, they absolutely have the moral high ground on the President whipping up anti-Mexican sentiment and fomenting racial hatred.


Regime change NOW!


Mexican government seeks justice in wake of El Paso terrorist attack



I find myself gratified that I have, so far, missed both the names and the faces of these deplorable mass murderers.


This is incredibly stupid posturing.

If the Mexican Gov’t wants to keep its citizens safe, they can work on corruption, racketeering, criminal justice reform, getting Cartel money out of the Gov’t and transparency.

Mexico has no moral or legal high ground here, and fighting Trump on his terms – You insult our country? We insult yours! – just makes you as dumb as he is.

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“Mexico doesn’t have the power to enforce the request” is not the same as “Mexico has no case for extradition”. I think they clearly have a case for extradition.

If this were a situation where:

  1. the leader of a middle-eastern country (for example) spent years stirring up extreme anti-American sentiment, and then
  2. a patriotic middle-easterner went to a location (like a store) where Americans were known to frequent, and then
  3. killed eight Americans (in addition to other citizens of that country), and then
  4. the police took that person into custody, unharmed, and then
  5. the leader of that country blamed it on, say, “extra spicy lentils” (which everyone knows causes insane, violent behavior, because “extra-spicy”), then

I have no doubt that the US would claim to have a case for extradition.


Could be some value in forcing gun companies to defend themselves in large, well funded lawsuits.


They won’t, because it would kick off a series of events where Mexico legalizes Marijuana and stops enforcement of other drugs. That would effectively end the cartels as they could then use the legal system to settle disputes. The drug war in Mexico is an extension of the drug War in America, and we don’t want the Cartel battle to be handled on U.S. soil.


Although threatening our government with legal action seems to be less effective than ever, I’m very pleased they are going to make the attempt.


They can care about both.

Ugh. I am so sick and tired of this reductive, dollar-store rhetoric that only 1 issue can be addressed at a time. Maybe we’ve collectively forgotten how to be adults or something, but this whole dipshit idea that we can only authentically exhibit compassion or political will for one issue at a time is just so completely useless that it becomes nothing but empty noise.


Thank you, especially, for this glory-denying omission.


I’m not saying that only one issue can be addressed, I’m saying only one issue deserves addressing. Or do you think a government virtue signalling with a lawsuit about its citizens being shot abroad actually DOES anything to change America’s laws?

For someone who is so full-throated in repeating the shallow talking points of propaganda, you sure seem to be missing the point of it. Diplomacy and propaganda go hand-in-hand and when other nations are issuing travel warnings to come to this one, it has a psychological effect on the citizens in that country. Will it be a huge effect? Likely not, but doing anything is better than just sitting back and playing patty cake while one’s citizens are gunned down abroad. Furthermore, even if this action has zero impact on American laws, it does have an effect on Mexican citizens in showing that the government is at least going to try to work for them, exactly in line with what you think is more important that they do.