Michigan man wipes his nose on store employee's shirt after being told to wear mask at store

That’s a good observation. (He seemed to be keeping his balance for the most part)… I notice in almost every “bully gets owned” video, the bully is sloshed and all it takes to “own” them is to push them further off balance than they already are. Sounds like the store needs to up their security game by, I dunno, having a security guard?

All I’m going to say is “WTF Michigan?” Are you really trying to out Florida Florida?

Because you’ve been doing it recently.


This is becoming a peninsula state thing? (This is starting to explain Italy as well…)

Yay! I love a happy ending! :neutral_face: This should never even have happened, but at least there will be some, probably trivial, consequences. Unfortunately, some will make this gentleman into a martyr for free-dumb.


Trump has already called in the assistant who knows how to spell the word “pardon” in a tweet.


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