Michigan man wipes his nose on store employee's shirt after being told to wear mask at store

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As a general rule, I think that violence is not a preferred immediate response to asocial behavior.

Exceptions can and should be made, however.


This bodes horribly for everyone who uses a store employee’s shirt as a nose wiper.

Watch, they’re going to ban it!


Well, at least he didn’t shoot him.


That would be the dollar store in Illinois

ETA, I was wrong, Michigan again.


No Shirt
No Shoes
No Face Mask

No Service.

Should be the new sign of the times.


I think in situations like this, if I were set off I wouldn’t be able to stop. I’ve seen people who needed to be knocked out and were, and the person who did the knocking out stepped back or left the scene immediately. The most recent time this happened, it was a very tough looking guy in the hood who neutralized a DUI driver who had been first attempting to do compressions on a still conscious, still breathing driver who’d just had their chest crushed by a steering wheel, then attempting to restart his truck and then trying to flee the scene. I was trying to remove the keys from the offender’s truck, looked down for a sec, looked up and the guy was flat on the ground. Told the tough guy “I didn’t see anything.” He probably had a record. The cops rolled up a minute later and this guy had disappeared into thin air. Though I am more rational than I was in my youth, I’m not sure I have the maturity to separate the anger… in the DUI case, probably yes. But seeing a seemingly sober person doing this to a minimum wage worker… I would probably sweep the leg.


That’s a shitty experience; sorry you have to carry that. Philosophically, I am a pacifist, but a couple of times my hand was forced and it wasn’t great. They both involved people I care about being assaulted and, despite knowing better, I was unhinged. I’m glad the good guy got away in your tale.


I don’t think I’d be as calm as that victim. But clearly she is a victim of assault.


There were a few loudmouth (loud-keyboarders?) on NextDoor (I know, I know…) going on about fighting back against mask policies in stores and making examples of those freedom-hating libtards who are wearing masks. Probably just keyboard “warriors” but I am seriously considering getting pepper spray, just in case.


It’s almost as if there is an attitude of, “if I don’t like it, then it doesn’t apply to me.”

I wonder where that could come from. :thinking:


That’ll make their nose run, for sure!

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Why am I not surprised it’s self entitled Trumpian idiots in michigan pulling this shit.

Trump is enabling this behavior in every way.

I say she should have said in that case I have to sneeze let me use you as a handkerchief!

Rotten humanity is everywhere in America now


Insert grumpy cat good meme here.


Ah, Holly. The land of wealthy suburbanites LARPing as rural confederates.

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Did I dream it or didn’t the feds state that any thread to spread Covid-19 would be considered a terrorist act?


There’s asocial behavior… then there is (potentially, in this case) biohazard attacks. He should be arrested and made to drink bleach.


He then continued to be loud and disruptive inside the store, police said. He eventually left in a white van that may have been a Ford.

The “I drive a Ford” ad that we will never see.


He looked drunk to me.

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“Look! I’ve got your nose! And no, I can’t give it back. That’s the trick part, you see.”

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