Michigan sheriff issues inmates black-and-white striped uniforms




Hipster criminals in Michigan are going to love this!


I wonder how much the sheriff’s kickback on the new uniforms was.


Of course, all he’s really done is create one of the worlds largest Hamburgler cosplays.


I think the stripes are actually cooler.


The new jumpsuits are more sweatshirt than tailored suit. http://www.mlive.com/news/saginaw/index.ssf/2014/07/black_and_white_is_the_new_ora.html#incart_most-read


They look like rugby shirts to me.


Completely asinine. The whole reason for the design of prison garb is to be “anti-camoflague.” In the event of an escape, you want the prisoners as visible as possible. I presume that it also makes it harder for them to hide in the shadows while still in prison. This is the whole reason that blaze-orange replaced stripes decades ago. Blaze-orange is also commonly used for safety vests and is a required color for hunters for the same reasons.


Don’t those new uniforms just want to make you sing, sing, sing?


Apparently, the rhythm section was the Purple Gang.


Black and white is the new orange.


The conversion of Michigan into an old cartoon is proceeding as planned.

Next up, hiring musicians to play “Mysterioso Pizzicato” whenever anybody sneaks up on anybody else.


I didn’t think that striped unis were that uncommon already. In southern Utah, the local jails have used white and fluorescent lime green striped jumpsuits for years. I’m sure stripes are being used elsewhere, and this article is pointing out a shift in one location based on a reaction to the “coolness” of a TV show, not the potential of a radical overhaul of jail garb nationwide.


He should have looked at some slightly more contemporary options:


Yeah, stripes break up your outline too well. Just ask zebras (or lions).


Neon pink, yellow, green, blue or red are highly visible, as well as being, well, not orange. I guess it might not work if the 90s are currently considered cool.


It’s like an arms race. The authorities will keep trying to make prison not cool, and the classes that are overwhelmingly incarcerated will keep making it cool. The same thing happened during Prohibition - gangsters became glamorous. The solution now is the same as it was then.


Seriously? Because in OITNB despite the title don’t wear actually orange coveralls, they wear tan coveralls over white long-john type undershirts.

Anyway, I sometimes think about my 3 days in a jail in North Dakota in 1998, about how when I was discharged and left to change into my civvies I was so tempted to stuff the orange coveralls into the pocket of my gore-tex… could I score a cool souvenir with ‘Montrail County Jail’ on the back, or would I end up sentenced to some real prison time? I decided, probably correctly that it just wasn’t worth the risk. I did get to keep the ‘Bob Barker Industries’ toothbrush (along with being banned to this day from the United States… haha no biggie).




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