Microwaveable meals for self-loathing, pathetic losers like you




I don’t own a microwave. I’ve used them. Pretty good for re-heating coffee and cold pizza. But other than that, no thanks.


I don’t own a microwave. I still eat them. cold ‘n’ raw. (hangs self)




Bah! I’m single and I make my OWN starchy meals!

(Pork pie.)


"Microwaveable meals for self-loathing, pathetic losers like you"

Look for them in the Frozen Sodium Aisle!


I live on Marie Callendar meals. Mmmm nom nom nom nom.


With only slight changes could be the ad campaign for Soylent.


In its defense there were conventional oven instructions on the back of the box, for pathetic fucking losers who want to try and fool themselves into thinking that they’re ‘cooking’ a meal, and that it will somehow restore normalcy to their lives, or remind them of happier days, but who know down at the bottom of the black blasted alcohol and vomit filled pit where their heart used to be that any vestige of the old happy days are gone, that Marie and the kids are gone, and they’re never ever coming back.

So they’re not strictly “microwave” meals.


If you’re going to photograph food, please learn about light balance…


That was taken on a whim with a cheap webcam.

Anyway, even proper lighting wouldn’t make the filling in that pie look any less like chilled vomit.


this… hit a little too close to home ( ._.)


It looks better than well… 100% of the stuff on this blog: http://someoneatethis.tumblr.com/


I don’t even know what you’re talking about.


I used to eat a lot of TV dinners when I was a teen(ager). :confused:


What with your manic grin, I’m wondering if that isn’t long-pork. :smiley:


I’d rather pull grass out of the ground and eat it. I last had a microlife meal in about '95, and found it so disgustingly salty I couldn’t finish it.


Something about the name “Hungry Man” struck me the wrong way. “Starvin Marvin” a convenience store attached to iirc BP station evoked similar feelings of “functional” rather than “enjoyable” food.

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Heeeyyyyyyy, I was trying to imitate the look of deranged joy expressed by characters in 1950s food advertisements.