Mike Johnson wins House Speaker after 22 days of chaos

Which makes them fascists, as well.

That sods it, folks. Until now, I was willing to entertain the thought that ‘Reasonable Republicans’ still existed in the HOR.
No more.

That’s pretty much a given, although what we do know about him is horrific enough already.

I think insurrection part une has been in play for decades, and Lord Dampnut is the end result. Those bleatings of syncophants are just efforts to consolidate power.
Insurrection part deux will be to overthrow these fascist bastards, and it better be in play.
Vote like it matters, and always remember:
The Second Amendment these bastards like to quote works both ways!
They seem to forget that part…


No shit? I wonder why….

I’m not going to take the time to look it up, but I wonder if a covenant marriage can be dissolved in another state. My guess is probably, so as long as one partner can escape across state lines.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they treat it like an Orthodox Jewish wedding: go ahead and get a secular/out of state divorce if you want. Pay for it in monopoly money as well, for all the good it will do you: it doesn’t count in the Beth Din/Louisiana, you’re still married here, and if you try to get married again, we’ll consider you a bigamist and we will come after you.


…and her husband doesn’t want to let her escape, I’m willing to bet he’s allowed to “forgive” her. :grimacing:


Anyone think that this was always the plan? To keep feeding extremists into the pipeline, in the certain knowledge that sooner or later the holdouts would get so tired of the process that they’d just vote for whoever was sitting in the chair when the music stopped?

Because, of course, it wouldn’t do for the Republican-controlled House to look “dysfunctional”, and what better way to prove that you’re a vital, rational component of a functioning democracy than unanimously picking the election-denying Representative for Gilead for your Speaker?


Yes. It’s just another version of Bannon’s charming advice to “flood the zone with sh*t”. Johnson is just the turd that managed to float to the top this time.


Now they have a speaker and can continue not doing any governance. We’re so fucked.


No, I think they genuinely are as bad at this as they look.


Louisiana doesn’t have a choice in the matter. Out of state divorces must be recognized under the “Full Faith and Credit” clause of the Constitution. Its why Nevada divorces were so popular back in the day.
See The Women (1939) for a cool example of how that worked.


That is always the most likely explanation: Hanlon's razor - Wikipedia


Of course there’s always the corollary: Sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.


Perhaps it’s my far too liberal brain, but I like that my wife has her own opinions and options. Sure, we’ve had few big disagreements in our decades together, but neither of us is subservient to the other. That doesn’t even sound enjoyable.


I thought it was urgent that they get a speaker elected so they could roll up their sleeves and do the work the people sent them to Washington to do?

Nope, it can wait until the middle of next week.


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