Mike Johnson's hypocrisy highlighted in MSNBC's latest video

Originally published at: MAGA Moses proudly showcases his hypocrisy


If Johnson goes through with that vote, hopefully the next vote to take place will be on a motion to vacate the chair (again.)


Wow… the GOP sure wants to retaliate against Ukraine…


Hypocrisy is a core value of Xtianism. With so many rules they want to impose on others, they’re always bound to break a few themselves. Repeatedly.


Dumb question. Did Johnson ever give a source for his insistence that the Founding Fathers opposed single party impeachment? I mean, political parties weren’t even part of the plan when the Constitution was drafted. Sure, they sprang into existence immediately, but the Constitution was written without mention of them. Where does his claim come from?


Probably his invisible friend. You know, the one who told him last week that Johnson is now Moses.


Listing the various hypocritical actions of the GQP over the last few years would be interminable. But yes, they most certainly are hypocrites, to the core.


All I’ve been able to find is that the framers were pretty confident that no matter what they did, impeachment would inevitably be a partisan affair. And that’s why they wanted to have the House indict, and the trial in the Senate, requiring a 2/3 majority vote. At the time, the Senate, it was believed, would be less partisan than the House, and requiring a 2/3 majority vote made it virtually impossible that one party could successfully remove a President from office. So it’s really not what Johnson was saying at all.


That jives with what we learned in AP US history back in the day.


That implies that they do it at all artfully, which they don’t.


The House just voted to open an impeachment inquiry.

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This certainly sounds familiar… taken from the lips of McTurtle.
So, he is both a hypocrite and a plagarist.

Since the ends justify the means, what with him doing the Lord’s* work & all, he also has no morals.
Sure, he has sanctimony in spades, but it is said that the devil can quote scripture with the best of 'em.

*Lord Dampnut, of course, who is, himself, doing Putin’s work.
Traitors both.


maybe he was right… if we just let ■■■■■ do whatever he wanted at all times, then there’d be no democracy, and certainly no democrats. there’d also be none of this rush to impeach now. basically, there’s no choice but to seek revenge and try to sabotage biden

see how irreparably divisive things are!?


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