Mike Lindell hands out "free" pillows to Ian victims, then asks fans to help pay for his donations (video)

Originally published at: Mike Lindell hands out "free" pillows to Ian victims, then asks fans to help pay for his donations (video) | Boing Boing

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Well, it’s not like anyone is buying them. What else is he supposed to do with all those pillows?


Dozens maybe. Hundreds perhaps. Millions? I’m skeptical.

Flood wall?


Did he give one to tRump, all that butt hurt needs a pillow.


i have a suggestion


Aside from it being an obvious grift by an odious sack of excrement, this is what I’d expect a competent and compassionate government to do: provide immediate disaster relief, funded by government spending, with some or all of the new money created clawed back by taxes.

But explain to the brainwashed MAGA cultists that what Lindell’s doing is a corrupted version of what the government can do much better, and they’ll still love Lindell and hate the gubmint.

I just. don’t. get it.


You can buy his garbage at Ollie’s. Definitely a bad sign.


Did they learn nothing from the fact that Bannon is facing trial for the “We Build the Wall” scam a year from now? :man_shrugging:

ETA: No need to answer that. Obviously not.

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Guess he was really paying attention when Trump taught him how to grift.

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I’m starting to see Lindell as the human embodiment of one of those poorly written “Nigerian prince” e-mails that are designed to ID the true suckers.


“Because in the MAGA world, charity doesn’t come for free.”
Mike Lindell

A definition of Charity:
“the voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need.”
Oxford Languages

This is why I voted against MAGA world both times. They don’t understand English and I don’t speak MAGA.

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