Mike Pence hits Donald Trump under oath by zapping a comma from his book

Originally published at: Pence hits Trump by deleting a comma


“He’d kill us if he got the chance.”


It would be more critical if it didn’t have the “think” in there.

Hell, it could be trump saying to pence, “I know you don’t have the authority to change the outcome, do it anyway…” and magats would still vote for him. Even many Rs would publicly gasp and say how that was bad for democracy, but would still vote for him.

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Either way, he did actually say:

I don’t think I have the authority to change the outcome

And as you imply, the ‘think’ is more telling than the comma.



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“You know I don´t think I have the authority”. Without the comma it is even worse. He doesn´t think he has the authority? He is the VP and does not know if he has it or not? It is not “I think I do not have”, he said “I don´t think I have”. Subtle but telling difference, his excuse is very bad.

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“Stop clubbing baby seals” vs “Stop clubbing, baby seals”

and my personal favorite:

“We met with the hookers, Kennedy, and Brezhnev” vs “We met with the hookers, Kennedy and Brezhnev”


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Let us praise the Oxford comma.


Nelson Mandela was a demigod… :thinking:

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And he collected dildos, apparently… :woman_shrugging:

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Who doesn’t?

Umm, me neither.

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You know, if someone had told me in 2019 that a misplaced comma was going to lead to an insurrection in the US, I wouldn’t have been surprised, but this is not the one I would have guessed,

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