Mike Pence makes homophobic remarks about Mayor Pete

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Not just homophobic. He also treated the very real, serious condition of postpartum depression as a punchline.

Pete’s husband Chasten had a pretty damning response that would make anyone with a conscience feel a deep sense of shame, but obviously Pence is incapable of shame.


Their whole deal is punching down, so unsurprising…

Also, a great reminder that even if his mouth hole makes some “mean” noises about Trump, he’s still a shitty Christian Dominionist…

And to answer Chasten’s question - not there, because he does not see caring for Children as the work of a father… it’s “women’s work” and his “job” is to command them…


As if there is anything below these guys.


Not so far, no… anything that hurts the people they hate, they are for…


How very Christian of him.


Honestly, this is punching up. Pete and Chasten Buttigieg are far better humans than Pence can ever aspire to be. They set a better example, and lead a more “godly” life that Mike Pence could even begin to understand. This is “punching up” so high that Pence can’t even understand the target he’s after.


Well, except they’re gay men, so despite their relative privilege, they could easily be targets of the right wing… Just like being wealthy in Germany in the 30s did not protect Jewish people, being highly positioned will not protect the Buttigieg family if things really go south…

But sure, they are certainly much better people than Pence and his Christian dominionist fellow travelers, but that’s not really what I mean by “up” and “down” here…


It’s so wild that Republicans can still pull “can you believe this ELITE person has this privilege you don’t have!” without their voters thinking “well, wait, why don’t I get that basic human right, could it be my anti-human-rights political party?” and immediately backfiring…


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That’s some pretty righteous nominative determinism right there.


“he’s still a shitty Christian Dominionist”

As a former Indiana resident during Pence’s reign there, I support this statement 100%.

My ex-wife once represented her non-profit at a meeting with Pence. She called him the stupidest person she had ever met, not so much for his complete lack of intellect, but more for his refusal to see anything outside of his Christian worldview.

There’s no doubt in my mind that he will merrily assist the Christian nationalist cause if he is ever in public office again.


Agreed, as I believe he is one, whether or not he publicly identifies as such.


i would say that’s not only homophobic, but also misogynistic, while also making light of mental health. it’s like a republican trifecta of hate.


I just don’t understand why of all the evils in the world, both real (poverty, violence, etc.) and biblical (homosexuality, mixing fibers, etc.) the Xtianists are so obsessed with homosexuality. It’s not like Jesus ever mentioned it. Personally, I think that the idea of gay sex is kinda gross, so I don’t intend on having any. I really don’t care if other consenting adults want to do it. I mean I don’t like Brussels sprouts, but I see no need to ban them.


I think it’s because it allows (straight) Christians to avoid any kind of sacrifice or effort on their own part. If you preach about the evils of greed or indifference to suffering then people might start expecting you to donate more money to charity or spend time volunteering at homeless shelters. If you preach about certain rules in Leviticus then people might start expecting you to stop wearing poly/cotton blends or abstain from eating delicious shrimp cocktails. But if you base your entire sense of morality on “DON’T BE GAY!” then you get to maintain a sense of moral superiority just by avoiding something you weren’t really interested in anyway.


What Jesus or the Bible say is beside the point. Xtianism/Nat-C-ism is an ideology that’s deeply grounded in toxic masculinity. Anxiety regarding anything that challenges gender essentialism pushes this to the top of their list of priorities to the point where they’ll cherry pick any Bronze Age patriarchal platitude that supports their position.


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