Mike Pence wins the blunder games, at least in this photo


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This presidential “dream team” turned out to be what so many expected – a total nightmare.


Dammit again, Millie!

I swear, at this rate, you’re going make me use up my entire hoard of eye and brain bleach…


Jackson is scowling down at him, going, “You asshole. I was supposed to be the most corrupt President.”


Does this mean that Mike Pence wins Celebrity Apprentice: White House Edition?


If Trump resigns or is impeached, then that is unfortunately rather literally true.


Betcha Pence doesn’t make it til Christmas. Trump is getting more and more paranoid. The chatter that Pence is gearing up to run a campaign in 2020 is certainly being fed to him by the Courtiers that hate the Vice-Tyrant. When Trump gets suspicious, even Pence’s unctuous praise and flattery will strike him as deception.



I have confidence that Pence stands a really good chance of losing in the next round of blunder games.


The VP is an elected official, not an employee. Trump can’t fire him.


But Trump can’t fire Pence, can he? VP’s elected, on the same basis as the President.

I guess he could pressure him to resign, or even try to get Congress to impeach him – but that second one would set a dangerous precedent (dangerous for Trump, that is).

Edit: @corydodt beat me to it.




Actually, the thought of Pence as President is more terrifying than Trump remaining (belittled and largely ignored, of course).




Then we deal with him, too. And I believe Pence is also a person of interest in Mueller’s investigation.

Not sure how that really hurts Pence, unless Trump makes life difficult for him. In which case Republicans close ranks and start impeachment proceedings without the Democrats.


The Trump expansion pack for Secret Hitler is getting less and less useful, week by week…


It’s time to set this tinder alight. Amplify the internal strife.


I hope somebody gives this photo the unperson treatment and removes everybody but Pence. I would do it myself but I haven’t got the requisite shop-fu…


That would have made for one heckuva Petticoat Affair 2.0, sad they’re all gone, sad!


Oh, I sure as hell hope so. He helped enable this current clusterfuck…