Milo Yiannopoulos submits a Subject Access Request to Twitter

I uh… Don’t get it? What is his play here? Where can he spin from here?

EDIT: source: Something my brother retweeted because I hadn’t remembered to block Mike Cernovitch yet


I’m guessing a fishing expedition with a plan to spin anything he finds that looks even questionable as evidence of the Great Twitter SJW conspiracy to suppress Free Speech. Even if he can’t find anything, it’s still a reminder for others of his Twitter Martyrdom so the base remember they’re the real oppressed victims.


He’s trying to get his ‘15 minutes’ to do bikram yoga; stretching it out as long as he can…


It could be that. Or, it could be an attempt to set up a double bind.

If someone at Twitter has been slightly rude about him in internal email, and he knows this, then the SAR is a trap for Twitter. They can publish that internal email, and get accused of persecuting him, or they can fail to disclose that internal email, in which case they get sued for breaching FoI.

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