Minor bug, may still want to know about it


I’ve been at exactly 96 for about a week, even though I know I’ve received a handful more than that. It doesn’t seem to be incrementing.

Nexus 5x, Android 6.01 I think.


I get that at work on firefox, and at home with chrome. It shows the full count on the main badges page

but always 96 when you click for your list.
Possible that is how many for the page buffering?


I thought so, but the post titles are correct. Just not the count. My money is on something caching or buffering, but I don’t know what.


So I counted down to 96, was less than half way through, and got to a topic called Dildo Swiping. If discourse is smart enough to crack a joke about calling me a dildo, I am goddamn impressed. And not surprised :smiley:


D’oh, you know what it likely is? A single badge per topic, so if you get multiple nices in a topic it counts as one.


Nah, why would we both have 96 exactly…


It’s the snuggling equivalent of 69?


I have lots when I look at my badges

But if I click on the nice post badge, it says 96 for me too.


This is gonna be a bombshell… But are you insinuating that I’m not a dildo?

Yeah, I went there. Genital jokes in bug reports.


Hay, @sam, we have an inconsequential bug you don’t need to look at.

But it’s kinda funny.


Yup. We got stuff in common, but that that much.

Win 10 / Chrome Version 48.0.2564.116 m


I see the bug will get it sorted


OK here we go:

Fix is deployed here.

As an added bonus you get 190 new emojis thanks to @eviltrout

Use them wisely :hugging:

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