Mississippi Senate runoff: Openly racist Cindy Hyde-Smith (R) defeats Mike Espy (D)


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Its Mississippi. I mean its one of the reddest states in the country.


Coincidentally, it’s also one of the poorest, and worst ranked states for education.


Well time for Nina Simone again…


You need to add some scare quotes around that first word. The modern GOP, like its Xtianist partners, thrives most where white people are ignorant and desperately poor.


My bad; with it being one of my comments, I just assumed most regular-degular mutants would automatically realize the sarcasm was implied.


I have friends who live in Mississippi. They refer to it as “objectively the worst state in the USA.”


Only real shock is that it was actually a contest. Might bode well for the future, maybe.


This was not unexpected. The last polls showed the white racist up by 10 points. That’s pretty tough to beat in the last few days of a campaign. I did notice on the map, the counties along the Gulf voted red. Apparently they didn’t learn their lessons from Deep Horizon and GOP policies on offshore drilling. I mean, it’s only their god damned livelihood. Fuck 'em.


Mississippi, the only state that people in Alabama can make fun of.


Hmmm. Wonder if the Dems would have condemned her had she not switched parties in 2010?

Did Republicans turn her into a racist in less than 8 years?

Had Mike Espy switched parties and won a Senate seat, wonder what Dems would have used against him?

Sounds more and more like that cry of “Burn the witch!” (and those allied with the witch). Such tactics are making the United States ungovernable. “Some” degree of consensus is necessary to get anything done.




It’s definitely over, then? There’s not so much as a public hanging chad to cause doubt?


Perhaps a public lynching chad. /s


Pretty sure when she spent her years as a Democrat repeatedly trying to pass legislation to name things after confederates she was still racist, just like many other modern Democrats.


The Divided States of America



Sigh. Why can’t the Dems meet bigots halfway on their racism? Don’t you know that’s the kind of comity needed to get things done? Just Asking Questions! /s


The right not to be hung to death for existing is not up for debate.


Yes (without the question mark inside the quotes). It’s no co-incidence, of course, and despite knowing she agrees with this it still would have added a little extra emphasis on the snark.