Mississippi Senator jokes about enjoying a public hanging

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Sad thing is she’ll probably pick up a couple more votes with that comment.

@TobinL Thanks for the Nina Samone clip. Not a huge fan but that was an amazing performance!


Mississippi seems really committed to remaining the most backwards state in the Union. No easy task.

In conservative “jokes” about violence, always look for the rope.

With victory margins so thin these days, conservatives have to appeal to a key voting bloc for whom rope is a central symbol in their ideology, as expressed in The Turner Diaries:

As the revolution proceeds, one of the most sickening scenes in the book, exceeded only by the epilogue, is “The Day of the Rope”, a mass lynching where all white women who married black and Jewish men are hanged in public. Liberal Hollywood actresses and politicians are lynched. New York City, Baltimore, and Los Angeles are nuked, and Jews flee to Toronto, which is also nuked. Tel Aviv is nuked.


I used to think these kinds of comments were just tone-deaf accidents, but they’re so obviously deliberate. And you can bet conservative pundits will say we’re all just overreacting. It’s like a Republican talking point now is “We’re not racist, why can’t you get that through your thick, subhuman n____r skulls?”


I have to confess that I don’t even understand this remark.

“That guy is so great that if he invited me to watch someone get killed, I would happily attend.”

Is that the gist?


Q: What do you call a conservative’s joke that does not include a dog whistle?

A: Possibly funny.


A: A stray?


I honestly don’t even understand her comment.

First, The "front row’ portion seems to indicate that not only would she attend, but being a very eager participant, This appears to acknowledge that many people would believe that even attending such an event would be wrong. So, the “front row” aspect boils down to “Not only would I attend (when many of you wouldn’t) I would be proud and eager to do so (while many attendees may hide out in the back rows.)”

Second: And more importantly, someone please explain to me why she is mentioning hangings (other then in the dog-whistle context of lynchings.) I am truly baffled. I don’t even understand what she is talking about!


That guy is a black guy and we used to hang black guys here with impunity and if he invited me to a public hanging the joke would be on him because we would be hanging him and I’d be in the front row. smiling inanely.


Look, her little joke was taken out of context. It needs to be considered in context. In Mississippi, where her opponent is a black man. Actually, never mind, that’s pretty much the worst possible context that statement could be made in…

The competition is so so stiff…

(TL;DR: A public school has been accepting and even justifying racist bullying for years, the professional photographer encouraged a Nazi salute for the photo… Just the usual shit in Trump’s America.)

A: An overtly racist quip.


What in the world is WRONG WITH YOU!!

(Kidding, I know there’s no accounting for musical tastes. But my goodness, my dude, Nina Simone was a straight up goddess.)


Yeah I was kind of looking for more explanation for that comment too not because I care particularly about being fair to her but because I honestly couldn’t figure out where the hell that came from. I think it’s maybe just that it is as bad as it sounds. She really REALLY wants us to know how much she loves the thought of murdering innocent black people. Or maybe she just really likes the look and smell of corpses, you know. Like. I’m not racist I just really want to watch people die and apparently I can’t find the sub for that so I sure wish there’d be a public hanging I could enjoy! I can’t really even parse it as a dark joke, it literally sounds like she just wants us to know about her sadistic fetishes. I’m beginning to expect the next Republican campaign to be 24/7 baby animal crush porn.


Sure, but the “he” isn’t her (black) opponent. It’s some supporter of hers.

So apart from the comment being horrible and racist, I don’t get it.


It’s not like there aren’t a whole list of things she could have used that are widely considered to be horribly disagreeable.

She could have said something like

But instead, with all the context available to her, she went with the notion of a public hanging.


ah sorry I didn’t get that, so it is if my totally cool super-racist friend invited me to a public hanging I would be in the front row cause he is super-racist cool guy who would be getting rid of my irritating black opponent for me!

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She is saying that the person she is praising is so incredibly awesome, that even if that person invited them to something that ought to be objectively horrible, she’d trust them enough to show up, and even sit front and center, because that person is that trustworthy. It is an extreme form of praise.

I can find no corroboration of Rob’s headline accusation of her “enjoying” public destruction of other human beings. But it wouldn’t surprise me, it seems to be something a great many people enjoy.


That is possibly the most fucked up compliment I’ve ever heard!


Yeah, especially in Mississippi, you know? Over the top and tone deaf.

Trumpers will revel in her lack of “political correctness” though. :weary eyeroll: