Mitch McConnell is a "dour" political "hack", says whoever's writing things for Trump these days

Way too many words outside his vocabulary.


Is that photo from the time he managed to beat the Hare in a footrace?


When Mitch smiles you just know he’s screwed someone over.


I rather like the idea of Trump as “party leader.” Not the “party influencer” that he currently is, but the guy who would be organizing Republicans to get them to vote for/against certain things, advance a legislative agenda, etc. Trump would never do that shit. He’s too lazy and dumb to even understand what would be required. Everything would fall apart into badly disorganized fascism.

Lazy? Yes. Dumb? Of course. To get around that he’ll just do what he did before: Have other people do the heavy lifting; take credit when things go his way, blame others when they don’t; and get stooges and spineless lawmakers to do his bidding by threatening them with the loss of their phony government jobs and with dog-whistle calls for physical threat and death. It doesn’t take a genius or workaholic to accomplish all that. It just requires being a psycho.


This is all true, to some degree, but it’s not just about being a psycho. I was just reading about Bannon giving a speech where he was proposing that Trump should run for congress, and it’s the same problems:

Trump couldn’t entirely avoid doing some work, that he’d be incapable of doing. His ability to have other people around him do the work would be more limited than it was as president. (Being leader/congressman would fundamentally require his following some protocols to even begin to accomplish anything, and he just can’t manage it, as we’ve seen.) Trump’s staff as president spent their efforts trying to convince him to simply support particular positions - that’s not enough as party leader/congress, even if they could keep him from reversing himself constantly (he’d need to have a coherent position he could convince others of). It doesn’t help that the people Trump surrounds himself with are themselves incompetent. There’s no way Trump would ever manage to even sit in congress, either. Neither physically nor mentally is he up for it.

Not to mention, Trump is, quite simply, fundamentally incapable of being a leader. He’s got one instinct/ability/strategy: to attack. He doesn’t even know what it means to engage in constructive behavior, what’s required to articulate and rally support for policy goals. (Cowing others with attacks/threats only goes so far in that.) Heck, he has no policy goals. All he has is feeding his own ego. That’s not compatible with doing those other things. Ultimately all he cares about is if anyone supports him, not the party or policy positions (which he’s not consistent on, anyways). So long as people publicly talk about supporting him, it’s not so important to him what they actually do. His narcissism means he won’t be happy with anything less than president, too.


Silver lining; even a broken clock* is right twice a day, it doesn’t mean the clock is actually worth anything.

*Analog only, obvs.


Not really. More like the worst person you know just pointed out the blatantly obvious as a signal to sick his rabid base on a bootlicker who missed a spot.


We want brilliant, strong, thoughtful, and compassionate leadership.

Yep, that’s why Biden won…

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