Mitch McConnell is amazing


“Our hope would be that our Democratic friends would treat President Trump’s nominees in the same way we treated Clinton and Obama.””


So with obstruction and outrage then? I am good with that.


At this point democrats should follow McConnell’s lead and refuse any nominee until the next election in 2018 or 2020 if it doesn’t go their way.


Can’t watch at work. Did he seriously say that? Am I living in a cuckoo clock?


Yes. Yes he did. Really anyone who doesn’t do their fucking job should be thrown out of office somehow. I’m tired of it – on both sides. It was shitty when the Republicans did it before they even knew who Obama was going to nominate for the SC. And it’s shitty now. I know it sucks.

Also McConnell can go back to Kentucky and shove a whiskey bottle up his ass.


Be careful what you ask for. You might get it.


No, you’re living in a country where the government is full of 'em


Can’t… manage… to… handle… the… cognitive… dissonance… !


He’s a Trumpocrat.


Got his wife a job out of it.


She needs to work? They need extra income?


If I was her, I’d sit around, drinking boxed wine, popping Oxy, breeding turtles.


I sort of assume they already had kids.



Dood, mine was a great joke that made me snort out liquid from my nose when I wrote it…


Finally, McConnell and I agree on something.

Side note to Mitch: either you’re lying to us about having “Democratic friends” or you’re chummy with the handful of Dems so spectacularly daft that they’re still earnestly shaking your hand after you’ve spent the last several years effectively telling them and their colleagues to get fucked.

I can’t decide which of these is more plausible.


Here’s what’s plausible: It’s on like Donkey Kong.

P.S. I am an American who knows what America means. Fear less; speak more. Lead by example or gtfo.



Yes, let’s do that.

Seriously though, is there anything suitable for Mitch McConnell to sit on and rotate?


The Washington Monument?


I was thinking the Space Needle.


That’s in Seattle. It should be in either DC or Kentucky.

How about this: