Mitch McConnell's wife Elaine Chao is among Trump administration resignations one day after MAGA mob storms Capitol

Devos quit too.

Again - if its so against your morals then you should be organizing a 25th amendment removal.


I was just going to post this.

Here is a pull quote to boil the blood:

Says, ‘Impressionable Children Are Watching’


It’s like the last two weeks of high school. You know what college you’re going to, or if you’re taking a gap year, and what can they do to you anyway? Not let you walk across a stage in the heat to get a handshake and a fake scroll?

On the subject of DeVos quitting:

(Yes, that really is the full statement.)




“Those who choose to stay, and I have talked with some of them, are choosing to stay because they’re worried the president might put someone worse in,” Mulvaney added, appearing to defend a different decision that was made by some of his colleagues to stay.

You aren’t supposed to say the quiet part out loud, Mick.

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