Mittens to run for Utah senate seat

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So, McCain light?



Same shit, different republican.


Mitt: “I am deeply concerned about the actions of our President and the law he is asking us to pass.”

Mitt: (immediately votes Yes to pass the law)

The big lie is that any member of the GOP would EVER do more than pay lip service to going against a President that’s on their team. Doesn’t matter who it is or what sort of shit show he’s brought to DC, they are the party of “us before all else.”


A good read on Romney’s run:

And just like Rob said about being ala Flakey:

“Those close to Romney predict that he’ll strike a balance. Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, who met with Romney before Hatch’s retirement and has been in touch with him since, said Romney wouldn’t be reflexively anti-Trump but wouldn’t be afraid to speak out against the president.”

“I think you’ll hear him say ‘I’ll agree with the president when he’s right, and disagree with him when he’s wrong,’” said Flake, himself an outspoken Trump critic. “I know he’ll be an independent voice.”


Whether it’s looking for endorsements or abasing himself for a cabinet position, Mittens has a history of being punked by Il Douche. If the people of Utah want their Senator to be a weak-willed and gullible vulture capitalist who has contempt for 47% of the state’s residents then they’ll get what they deserve.


The political institution that is the Republican Party is too corrupt for any one person to be an elected official for the party and expect to fix the organization.

If Mitt cared, he’d put his money towards creating a viable 3rd Party as a means to undermine both Parties when they show the signs of abusing power, or the abuse towards others to acquire it.

However, a political party, or politician, solving a problem doesn’t benefit the organization in the long run, only the people; so I shouldn’t expect a political person like Mitt to be a person that will bring about any type of beneficial change.

Just my two cents on the matter.

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Please proceed, Governor.


Grand Moff Romney: You’re far too trusting. Utah is too remote to make an effective demonstration, but don’t worry. We will deal with your rebel friends soon enough.


I can’t be the only person who read the headline and thought “The Mittani is running for the Senate?”.
In our current world, a prominent MMO player as a politician seems entirely possible.

Love that 538 link, Rob, thanks!

I used it to check up on Chris Coons.

The best headline:


Because nothing says, “We want to fix this mess” like electing the same people over and over.


Ol’ Mitt aint done thinking he’s gonna be president some day


Never, ever forget: “Corporations are people too, my friend!”



Is old toast appealing?

One of our friends has a character named ‘Mittens’ in our ongoing RPG. It’s too much to hope for that John will run; besides, we don’t live in Utah.

I don’t know, but I thought you meant ancient Indo-Iranians who dominated a Hurrian-speaking kingdom in northern Syria were planning to take over the US Senate. (Which, undoubtedly would be an improvement. If nothing else; the Mittani were well-versed on training chariot horses).

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God this is exhausting. I do not want this asshole to be my senator. But he’s Mormon and republican so I have little hope for a future where he’s not. The bit about “Utah values” is really galling. I know what that means. He means Mormonism. They are likely gonna love that. I’m gonna hate that. I hate that now. I wanna yell back in time at my grandparents for moving to this fuckin state.