Moms for Liberty defends use of Hitler quote


To be accurate, I’m not the least bit surprised at this.

Support your kids even if they make choices you disagree with (allowing for age, etc. of course); let the kids be themselves even if they become something other than what you thought they would. Every time a “child” is allowed the freedom to become something of their own, allowed to express their own self-determination, these chucklefucks are convinced that “someone” must be controlling them.

Hey, you just described my own mother. I cut her out of my life about three years ago now – haven’t spoken to her since 2020.

  • Short version: she still saw me as 10 years old, with the wrong gender, and someone that she could still manipulate instead of the almost 50 year old person I was the last time we spoke.
  • Much shorter version: abusive.

(Edit: corrected wording of short version. Apparently I’m still a little pissed about that. Who knew, right?)


It’s even worse than that; they want to “control” everyone’s children, not just their own.

That way, the boys will always know their place is “superior” to the girls, the Whites’ place is “superior” to everyone else (BIPOC) who only exist to serve and facilitate the Whites, and anyone who is LGBTQA+ won’t even exist at all.



Exactly. The few members who are mothers of school age children get trotted out to speak their hate at school board meetings. Every single one I’ve read about or listened to homeschools her kids.

It was never about control of their own children. They have that. It was never about advocating for parents rights. It has always been controlling other people’s children and denying the rights of other parents to let their kids read these books.


The only Hitler quote worth repeating:
“That’s it, I’m about to kill Hitler!”


Interesting that they talk about “biblical citizenship” but chose to quote Hitler when they could have quoted the bible to the same end.

Proverbs 22:6


Obviously the “liberty” part is bullshit so why should anyone expect the “moms” part to be any different? Or the “for”, even?


They would have to read beyond Facebook and Hitler quotes to get that.

Again, they’d have to read the Bible for that to register.


This is becoming a thing:


Holy shit, they backed off their defense, removed the quote, and apologized. Moms for Liberty chapter apologizes for quoting Hitler in its newsletter | AP News


It was a test run to see if they could get away with it… They’ll try promoting their fascist views in less obvious ways now.


Probably. I’m still a little surprised, though. Fascists are generally of the “never admit you were wrong, never apologize” variety.


I’m not… they just got called out enough to try and seem more moderate for a second.

Depends on the situation. Public facing wings of fascist groups that are attempting to attract members by playing off culture war issues will often sound more moderate if it helps their cause.


Did they really, though? I’m pretty picky about apologies. They admitted they were wrong (or caught), but they didn’t say they were sorry, and they didn’t say what they were going to do to make it right.
Fuck ‘em.


I have seen “If the Nazis are with us it just shows how evil you are” used as an argument.

There is no reaching out to these people. They are so convinced that they are right that they will go along with whatever atrocity is planned for those they hate without questioning it.


Yep… if they said “sorry” what they meant was “they are sorry we got caught pushing nazi talking points.”

they shall not pass spanish civil war GIF by Amy Ciavolino


Yeah, and they didn’t even say they were sorry, anyway. They offered their “deepest apologies.” Which, I know this comes off as really pedantic, but saying, “I apologize,” is not the same to me as actually apologizing. Apologizing means saying your sorry.
It’s like the difference between saying, “I cook dinner,” and actually cooking dinner.


Plus the part about you having to be their EXACT protestant denomination or you will be in the camps with the rest of the undesirables.

Fuckers, the lot of them.


I’m pretty picky about apologies, too. Theirs was not the worst I’ve seen: "We should not have quoted him in our newsletter and express our deepest apology.” The first half is good, the second is … close, but a swing and a miss. “Expressing your deepest apology” is a description of something you do, not something to say. People do this all the time, and not just with apologies, and I find it weird. The other one I see a lot is, “We condemn xxxx in the strongest possible terms.” Every time I see this, I think, “Umm…no actually, you didn’t. You just said you did. That’s not the same as actually doing it.” So here, you’re right, they didn’t really deeply apologize. They just said they did.