Moon glass reveals the phases of the moon as you drink

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Might have to fill it a few times to get the phases just right. Bartender!

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“Moon”, I thought it was like “mooning someone with your ass”.

My mistake.

White Russian!
dude slurping whiskers


A nice trick how to put less booze into a bigger cup.

Kind of like holey cheese is a trick how to sell less cheese for more money.

You’re disregarding the flavor man. Swiss cheese has got great mold. And anyway, just buy it by mass and not be swindled.

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Isn’t swiss cheese supposed to not be moldy?
You may like to change your vendor. :stuck_out_tongue:

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All cheese has some kind of critter in it. Unless it’s velveeta. But then it’s not legally cheese. It’s a “cheese food product”

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