Moonlight Corn-Hole


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I had an odd feeling of déjà vu while reading this article. Must be a glitch in the matrix. Or someone was a little enthusiastic in the copy/paste department, but that explanation doesn’t result in being able to dodge bullets, so it must be invalid.

Don’t forget Cincinnati gave us the first professional fire department and begat Hustler.

As a non-native of Cincy, I’m still uncomfortable when someone asks me to play cornhole. And cornhole tournaments are just … words fail me.


Growing up in Cincinnati, we called the game “bean bags” I never heard it called “corn-hole” until around 2000.

It seems like there’s a big market niche for customized corn-hole sets… we see them in all the university colors and logos, etc. Maybe even a TV show about super-customizing them.

Kind of like “Pimp My Ride” you could call it “Pimp My Corn-hole.”


I love Cincy, but the chili is gross. They put nutmeg in it or something. It’s an abomination.

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Graeter’s Ice Cream! It may not be Cincinnati’s most famous product, but anytime I’m in the Queen City I have to have a turtle sundae. I think Graeter’s should take precedence over the chili, even if it’s lower on the list than cornhole.

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Can’t neglect Goetta… the perfect hangover breakfast staple.

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It seems like there’s a big market niche for customized corn-hole sets

I was going to say “am I the only one who lives in a part of the US where “corn hole” has an entirely different meaning?”, but I’m glad that someone else has a filthy mind that went there first.

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The first time I ever saw a Corn-Hole board was at the Pride festival here in Santa Barbara.


True story.

“Moonlight Corn-hole” does sound romantic.

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I am sooooo relieved that you used the word “board” in your statement.

Also, it doesn’t seem too common in CA does it? I’ve never seen one in person (CA resident most of my life) [the board that is…]

First thought was glory-hole at an outdoor rave, but this is good too…

Kick it up a notch, use coloured bags, or RFID’d bags, an Arduino with sensors, dual-score LED display… booze is supposedly at work here, remembering things like math addings and stuff … let the sober smart now help you with the drunk dunks later.

That is awesome actually… should Kickstart it.

3/4" board is too thick (bring on the “too thick” and “cornhole” jokes) and will produce a dead board. If that’s what you’re into, then go for it. 1/2" is better. That’s what she said.

Not common at all, and I’m sure that but for the entendre at that particular venue, I would still never have seen one. Pretend I phrased that with more elegance.

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