More snarky comments about crappy design

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Also, that leather toilet!? What the hell? If it were black shiny latex, ok. But this?


That gives me massive anxiety.


Besides, if I’m a billionaire oligarch or simply want to live like one, one of the maids will make the bed as needed.


arent’ lemons sour, rather than bitter?

I am, once more, unimpressed with this Core 77 snark blog. Yes, there are worthy objects of derision on there, but then other things are willfully misunderstood to allow an opportunity to be snarky.

  • The stapler is clearly designed for a cover over the staples, which so happens to not be in the detail picture for illustrative purposes.
  • The rounded door for the toilet area is fine… its fine. It’s just a door and I appreciate the idea of making my pooping space feel magical.
  • The Lexus “kinetic seat” is for a car show 3 years ago and isn’t any worse than any clothing fashion designs that begin as concepts and develop into more practical versions later.
  • The fishbowl is cool and the idea that the designer isn’t taking center of gravity into account is absurd.
  • The bus/truck thing is… pretty terrible. lol
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If you imagine that the plane of the surface of the gravel is the horizontal plane, so that the camera is on an angle, then it seems more stable.

Especially if you were drunk.

I reiterate: Donald wants to know if it comes in GOLD.

Also, things like the banana slicer and sponge cleaner thing which are mostly designed to help people who struggle with using knives or normal sponges.

Then the braille watch.

Yeah, they don’t come across well.


I found what I believe may be the manufacturer’s product video for the bed. It seems to be intended more as a bed version of those recliner couches with all the gadgets than a bed really for sleeping in.

Modern Bed with music system & other utilities by CHANDRA FURNITURE

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What a fucking aerodynamic and pleasantly-designed rabbit hole this led me down. Thanks!



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I stand corrected on the bus!
As a result, I re-affirm my stated position that the Core 77 blog is trash!

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