More than 30 people burned during Tony Robbins "motivational" firewalk


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Guess they weren’t motivated enough!


No, I think they all got burned.


The burning question for me is: Did it take 30 people to realize that it might not have been such a great idea?


30 out of 7000.
The real story here is the 6970 people who are INVINCIBLE TO FIRE!



Walking on coals works fine, but it does require a very specific setup, which can be negatively impacted by wet ground or too much wind. I’ve done it in small groups, with an experienced facilitator who was willing to call it off if the conditions weren’t right. Naturally it was not a high-dollar commercial “motivational” experience with thousands of other suckers each lining up to get more motivated than the next.

Ultimately it is a simple trick of heat capacity and thermal conductivity that allows you to do it, but it is fun, a little scary, and satisfying to complete in the right circumstances.


They should just be glad they were at the Tony Robbins firewalk, and not the Twin Peaks Bob firewalk.


And some benjamins!


Okay, “the science of coal walking + experience” is something I’d attend.


The benjamins are optional, though if you are saying you have some for me I’ll show you the ropes. :wink:


I blame myself. I promise I’ll be more motivated next year.


Don’t spoil my illusions.


:smile: Have you ever been to a Tony Robbins seminar? The guy is a really convincing speaker. You listen to him, and start nodding your head, and pretty soon, he’s got you convinced you can walk across hot coals. Afterwards you’re all like “wait, what did I just do???” (Even if you DON’T burn your feet off.)


Well, in a sense, Robbins did get those 30 people fired up…


That one almost made me laugh out loud in the office. Came close to ruining a perfectly good monitor


Say what you will about Robbins, the fact that he got five more people to step onto the coals after watching twenty five burned and screaming is an indicator of very, very highly honed bullshitting ability.


Did they not take one look at him and say, “It is Satan, himself!”, or at least the son of Darkness from Legend.


And they paid for every minute of it.

I had a prospective landlord mention she was a Tony when I was interviewing for an apartment once. 0nce.


Seriously, get 7000 people to walk across a carpet and at least ten of them are going to need medical attention.