Most Mysterious, In Which We Peek into the Curator’s Domain

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Sounds awesome and like the kind of thing that is right up my alley. However the price is pretty high for me, i’m sure all the items are well crafted and are worth the story telling adventure. Looking forward for a follow up on this campaign when everything ships :slight_smile:


As a Norwegian, I’m very pleased that your box says “Premium Norwegian Fish Oil
Salmon oil
From(?) pure Norwegian salmon
With EPA, DHA and DPA”

While Norwegians have a slightly odd fixation on fish oil (it’s very good for you with lots of Omega-3, but tastes pretty bad), that’s usually cod liver oil. Salmon oil is unusual. Fitting for a mystery, I suppose.


Whee! I knew deez peeps! They good peeps!! Yay for them!!

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I sent my dad one of their packages/adventures. Its pretty good but wasn’t knock your socks off. I subscribe to their news letters but it lost its charm after a short while.

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I bought the Century Beast experience, and was rather disappointed. It took almost a year from the first mailing to the last, and some of the mailings are a single piece of paper, so the result was every time a new mailing came my family and I had to say “wait, what was this thing about again?”

Even if they wasn’t such a huge delay, the story didn’t really hang together in a cohesive way. There are just multiple people experiencing strange carvings and old stories, and maybe some kind of coverup conspiracy. About as satisfying as the ending of “Lost”.

Finally, the last document I received was incomplete. I got two identical “hand-written” pages of a letter, and I’m quite sure I was missing one or more other pages. I wrote to the company multiple times and they said they’d send a replacement letter, but it never arrived and now they don’t answer my emails anymore. Maybe that last letter would have brought the story to some satisfying conclusion, but I doubt it.

This. It sounds like a really amazing experience, and I’m sure it’s all incredibly well made and all, but my gosh that price! Even a t-shirt is $40! At a minimum of $325 for the whole storytelling package I’m sure a LOT of people who would love to participate are going to either be unable to afford it or turned off by the cost. It’s not an affordable gift, it’s a luxury item.

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